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Welcome to the Marie Forleo podcast. The audio version of my ward winning show Murray TV now short. Visit Marie Forleo dot com slash Marie TV where you'll find hundreds of other episodes. Thanks for listening. Hey, one quick thing on may eighth. I'm teaching free class the five writing mistakes that are killing your sales and how to fix them. It's going to be awesome. And it is free so go save your seat right now at the copy cure dot com. Hates Marie poor. Leo. And you are watching Marie TV the place to be to create a business and a life that you love and this is CUNY Tuesday. Today's question comes from miss Evelyn, Evelyn writes. Hi, Marie after watching all your recent videos. I've been thinking a lot about the strong sense of trust. You create in your business through free phone calls videos, and newsletters, you come across as genuine friend funny one at that who we can rely on to pursue our dreams as an artist. It's crucial for me to communicate this same sense of trust potential clients in order to get more commission work. However, I'm struggling with where to begin since I can't really offer full refunds once I put paint to canvas I feel like I'm a step behind in the please trust me game. So my question is what are some steps? I can take to communicate a genuine sense of trust to appeal to potential clients. Thank you for your time. Evelyn? Great question Evelyn, creating trust is an essential part of greeding of business and life that you love. But before we go any further, I wanna nip something in the bud. So you talked about feeling step behind in this please trust me game. And I wanna tell you something that is not true. You do not have to offer refunds in order to create trust. Obviously that doesn't work for your business model. So just don't do it. Now. I know you're asking yourself will what do I do then? And I'm gonna give you some insights. But I gotta say in our business. Ironically, we've never really thought about creating trust. And maybe that's why people feel a great sense of trust with us. There's no formula to follow. There's nothing really strategic. We do. Besides be really, honest, really transparent and only do and say what we believe in. So all that being said here are two principles that can help you inspire trust in your customers. Number one is be true to you. So in my company and on this show. We only do things that we re. Really believe in. We only say things that we can stand behind and in my own life both in the business. And personally if I don't feel it I don't do it. And if I don't believe in it. I don't say it bottom line is I don't pretend ever except perhaps. Maybe when I'm playing Smurfs kingdom. And some in you all to get my mushrooms so little behind the scene secret from reteach when we start to write out, these episodes. If I start to make us ingestion. I always ask myself. Wait a minute. Would I actually do this or do I actually do this? If the answer is no, I don't write it. Same thing. If I'm like, oh, I can really relate to this fear. And I check myself and go, wait. I actually don't have that fear that I don't say it and similarly in our business if people try and give us money for things that we don't wanna take money for for example, like putting ads on our site. We just say no as an artist you can and should do this too. So for example, if you're an abstract artist and someone wants you to paint a portrait of their pet ferret named big dick, you can say, no, thank you. I painting dick in other words, if you don't feel it don't do it. And when you're honest with yourself and honest with your market, you will instantly inspire trust number. Or to you want to set clear expectations. So in my company, we are obsessed with letting people know how things are going to work. So for example, if you sign up for our Email us, we tell you. Here's what's going to happen next. Here's when you can expect your from us if you sign up for be school. Here's exactly what's going to happen next. We're going to walk you through the process. Same thing with the live event were always trying to let people know exactly what's going to happen next. What this does is remove fear and uncertainty and completely set people at ease and it inspires trust. As an artist you can do this too. So, you know, the biggest concern people have about a commissioned custom piece their thinking in their minds. What happens if I don't like it? So why not set up a process will you walk people through exactly what's going to happen. So in our business, we commissioned a custom piece of artwork for office. We love it. And the reason I love it is because the artist actually took us through the whole process step by step. She showed us her. Time-line? She allowed us to give feedback. She showed us the progress along the way, and the thing came out amazing now for you as an artist you may not want to give your clients inability to give feedback. So you gotta make the right choice for you. But the point is if you walk people through the process, and you give them an option somewhere to say, you know, what this isn't for me. I'd actually like to back out. They're gonna feel so much more comfortable doing business with you. So let's wrap this up with tweet oval. Filled your business on truth and trust will build itself that was my eighty or Evelyn let us know how it goes. And now, I would love to hear from you. So what makes you trust them one enough to do business with them any do's and don'ts that you'd like to share either from your own business, or as a customer as always the most awesome discussions happen. After the episode over at Marie Forleo dot com. So get yourself over and leave a comment right now. Did you like this video if so subscribe to our channel? 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