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Amal and the baby's named l and alec zander are healthy according to a clooney spokesperson who jokingly out of the georgia sedated and should recover in a few days you're listening to the latest from nbc news radi former national security advisor michael flynn is turning over six hundred documents to the senate intelligence committee baton democrat on the committee mark warner of virginia said the group still has to look over the papers receive documents and staff and others will son going through we can't make any judgement on london teas fully complied petered out of the i with you the documents flynn release the material in response to a pair of committee subpoenas after he refused to hand over records about his meetings with russian officials a senate panel is expected to call flynn as a witness in its russia investigation president trump's charity foundation is being accused of funneling one hundred thousand dollars in donations for children's cancer research to the trump organization tom roberts has more forbes reports the eric trump foundation which hosts an annual golf tournament which raise money for the st jude's children's research hospital was used to move the money back to trump's golf courses the money was to cover expenses for the use of the golf courses during the charity tournaments the report says more than five hundred thousand dollars was also moved to other charities over a 10year period including some connected to trump family members president trump reportedly personally ordered the trump organization to bill his sons foundation for the use of a golf courses tom roberts nbc news radio the man accused in a deadly stabbing aboard a portland commuter train is being charged with murder and attempted murder among them a county grand jury returned to fifteen count indictment against 35yearold joseph christian on tuesday he's accused of stabbing three men in the neck on may the 26 when they tried to help to girls the christian were shouting racial slurs at two of the victims died of the room nds christian will be arraigned on charges wednesday morning and seattle's new soda tax will in next january first mary ed murray signed the controversial tax than lawn tuesday a day after clears the city council on a seven to one vote it will add almost a dollar twenty two a to leader bottle.

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