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The john birch society in the nineteen sixties and fred coke the currents coke brothers fred the dad the current coke brothers dad he was one of the big guys behind the john birch society and i challenge you to show me that you could slide a blade of grass between the kkk and the john birch society show me how you could slide a thin dime show me where the daylight ends between one and in the sunlight bigger the daylight ends with the other the john birch society was kicked out of the republican party by of all people william f buckley junior and other corporate republican types and from that moment on they've been waging a fifty year campaign now fifty years plus actually to take over the republican party and they finally have done it they finally have done it the republican party is now the party of the kkk the john birch society and all these guys and we simply need to recognize that and so anyway thank you very much for the call and we got work to do sean thanks for being with us in the bay area hey norm so real quick book for people and i'll make it real quick the accidental president by aj bain d a m e the accidental president by aj beim and it was the first four months of harry truman's presidency and i'll tell you it's fascinating that's the only thing i just wanted to throw that out there real quick the other important thing i wanted to mention or other important thing is that you know chump supporters still useless i'd made this point before because i know people that work i'm in california obviously and and i know people that have a lot older than me to know people in the central valley with all of our farming and all that and these people feel useless and and it it brings masculinity is they the best words you do have the best words and you're right and it's also but it's a human trait every human on the face of the planet wants to be useful and competent and and what what what's really the all want to feel needed everybody wants to feel needed and important to knitted in right we all wanna feel relevant yeah productive in a productive right.

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