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Scene, and then all of a sudden they were sending over multiple runners for the Dante meeting, multiple runners to Chester, the lingfield Darby trial became a huge one for them as well. And those trials, the 2000 guineas. Yeah, because am I right in thinking that Chester had never really been on their radar until Kieran Fallon got the job. I don't think it was. Listen, if I'm wrong about this, please do correct me. Tweets was at radio Emerson at Mark Milligan and let us know you idiot you moron Kennedy do you not remember that he tore that place apart in 2003? Why did I do an American voice? I have no idea. But Kieran joined in 2005 and I don't think Aiden had been really targeting Chester. He had runners in the Dante, but I don't think it was like any, I would say that the horses he was if he was sending horses to Chester and he was sending them to the Dante meeting. They were almost the scissors to try to understand and get a feel for how good the British talent is compared to their talent. And if you think that's not something they do, good for you. I'm pretty damn certain they do do that. And I think this has fallen a fair way down the pecking order. This race. And the example of that is their staring you in the face. Look at the last ten year results. Just look at the results of this for 8 O'Brien since Fallon came on board. In 2005. They've all gone to Chester to the 2000 guineas to the link field arbitral to the Dante and to a certain extent to the Terence town, but even the Darren's town wouldn't be as strong anymore as it used to be for rayden. I think running a horse in the classic, running a horse in the 2000 guineas going for a Chester Javier trial going for lingfield. That's much more on the agenda for them now. That's much more of their priority. I would say 2000 guineas, any one of the Chester Derby trials and lingfield would be way ahead. Of this. That being said, in a price got a whole lot of talent for the Derby, and he's got to divide them up song Ho. So what we do scenario here isn't that sorry. Do you think alexandropolis could run in this and then taking one of those are the trials as well? Give him some more experience. Possibly, but you would imagine if he's going here the plan would be running here, then go Darren Sten. But you could break tradition and go win a bally Sachs if he does that and then go and now let's bring him over to England and let him prep in Chester. Or let's prep him in linfield, which would be a complete about turn. It would be a change in scenario, but it would benefit the horse in that he would learn about and away day and what it's like to travel over to England and come back. And they do all of that that should quantify this. Broom obviously won the Dubai gold cup and I'm still going how the hell did that happen? But Aiden does send these sources over to the foreign jurisdictions much earlier than he used to. I mentioned that last week with the breeders cup, it was a huge success for him. And he's trained to win in Dubai on the back of that as well. But for England, they literally fly out that late morning and they flow back that night. So all of not only does all of Aidan O'Brien's runners at royal ascot, wake up in ballet oil and go to sleep in belly toil, so does it in a brine. He literally flies back and forth every single day. He's not staying in some plush 5 star hotel. Living it up. Now he's right back to bally Doyle and then back again. It's extraordinary attention to detail. But you're mentioning potentially backing him each way for the Derby. Personally, I wouldn't do that. I'm not, I don't want to talk anybody out of a bet. If you like Alex, if you like alexandropolis, then back him. Don't let me talk you out of it. But he's a best price 16 to one with beta for the Derby right now. Alfred munnings is another horse I've heard positive vibes about. Who we haven't seen since Roy Alaska. He's out to 33s. You've got the favorite in August Rodin. So where does alexandropolis currently rank? Well, very prominently in the antifa bedding. Probably second pick in the anti prospecting market. But then not far behind them is Denmark. You've got gulu gong, who won the other day. Greenland, who are mentioned, Gulf of Mexico, custom ups to fortune has been disappointing. Hands Anderson is 50s. We'll see him in the 2000 Guinea trial. There's Luxembourg's brother, hiawatha, who you and I hold in very high regard. It didn't quite happen for him last season, but I think we'll see a different horse this year, 66s. He is, he's clearly very prominent and if he wins, then he's going to be 6 to one. Victoria rode the British couple and there was a 25 shot. What's it going to be? 6s, 5s, if you wins this. Yeah, there'll be single figures. Particularly if it wins impressively. Do you think you'll win? I do, yes. Are you going to back him for the Darby before this race? I think I probably will. I think that will be the best way to play this because I think you'll go off a short price favorite on Sunday.

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