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Every page and I am with you scores of papers which frankly show the ramblings of a disturbed individual there is no suggestion in any of those ramblings and pages of writing from an anti semitic motive Thomas now facing numerous felonies including federal hate crime charges main channel well known rabbi in Los Angeles sounding the alarm of the increase in anti semitic attacks rabbi Marvin hire the Simon Wiesenthal center said after the Hanukkah stabbing in Muncie New York a man wearing a yarmulke was harassed on a subway train and then chased for blocks is this the United States of America he noted anti semitic incidents began increasing in Europe recently before they began increasing here the Simon Wiesenthal center calls upon president trump to create a task force of the FBI to exclusively combat the cancer event the semitism he said this isn't **** Germany but that it's important to remember that anti semitism start small with individual incidents like these Jessica Rosenthal fox news someone bought a million dollar winning lottery ticket in Mars phone lottery officials say was from yesterday's drawing a cat five game ticket worth one million the sixty three thousand one hundred sixty five Bucks winner or winners have a six months to claim that price yes will soon be able to rent a beach house crossed the sound from Hilton head island that once belonged to billionaire Ted Turner officials say South Carolina state parks finishing rehab work at that property and St Philip's island they expect open the site for rental starting this spring or bedroom for bathroom house sits on what was once the Turner family compound on that forty six hundred acre island WBT news time for to today's horoscope brought.

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