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What do you focus on during the week with the L. yeah this is for the our to resume their two years ago so that had I think they sound like an extra twenty thousand people right to some of the the one with me was awesome was so that was pretty loud like the undertaker came out so I'm expecting to be like that the entire game and so forth some believe including forty Niners coach Kyle Shanahan that tight and George could always destined for a career in professional wrestling when his football career ends and I wouldn't bet against it he he he and he's he's just a colorful figure he had the forty Niners a colorful team and they lost on Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens staying in Florida all week to keep their bodies property just to the east coast time to go into the Superdome that's the first topic for today's what's more likely and what is more like the Chris Simms the forty Niners offense returns to form playing indoors in New Orleans or the hostile environment the Superdome clusters Jimmy Gee I'm going with door number one that the forty Niners offense return returns to form it out there really hasn't been a game where the offense has a bit in form I think last week yeah the ravens are good but I think the weather hurt them just as much and I don't think Jimmy arrivals a flustered type guy I don't you know he made his first career start in the Sunday night football for the New England Patriots in Arizona just didn't seem foster there honestly I think he's got a little bit of what I'm saying this respectfully and this is the right thing to have a little bit of meat had in this about him to not be flustered like not really even understand the magnitude of the moment which is a good thing when you play football I'm not trying to say that the bad way so yeah I go with the option one and you know the other thing too in this point is come up from time to time but it's very appropriate to mention it again as we get closer the next saints game this saints aren't exactly blowing people out right they're struggling with teams like the Panthers then the blood in the falcons hang around way too long weeks after losing to Atlanta at home and it's hard to forget that memory of the New Orleans Saints losing twenty six tonight at home to a hapless at least this year falcons team when we assess this one because the forty Niners understand the stakes and looked at the the saints don't have someone pushing them in their division they've already won the division they don't have to worry about being the five seat the forty Niners do ever the forty Niners the gap is cigna as significant as it could be your area five cedar gonna be the one seed and the opportunity to put themselves in position to be the one seed and avoid being the five seat hinges in certain respects on their ability to win in New Orleans on Sunday I just think I think about how how crappy it was in Baltimore in the rain was blowing side ways in the field conditions weren't great to go into a laboratory setting yes in the Superdome writer how loud it is it's really going to allow the pieces of the offense and you've been saying all year the way Callahan draws up the running game draws up the passing game puts plays in place that you are I could make the throws they're gonna have a lot of that on Sunday and that that's the thing that fascinates me about that Gaby has caution and Sean Payton or to the masters of drawing up plays right where it pops and it's regardless of the skills of the individuals involved on the field it's the way that the exes and ohs are lined up that gives you an although that has no acts around that's right that's a great way to put it yeah they're just your again he they maximize the town of their guys because they put them in positions to succeed a lot and that's by them for lack of a better phrase **** over the defense in the scheme and of defense a play call in their masters of that you're right that's going to be one of the chess matches within the chess match their watching those to go out as far as pike Ali all right what's more likely tonight the cowboys defense overwhelms Mitchell true Biscay or the relatively cold weather slows down the Dallas office yeah I'm gonna go with the cowboys defense overwhelms mature risky I am you know again you you said earlier in the show the cold weather is not going to be that bad were thinking forty one with a slight wind alright so that's not that bad also you know even though mature risky has made some good to rose lately and certainly had some brighter moments through what three touchdown passes last week against the Detroit Lions made some good down field throws you know I get I just think the offense overall isn't good enough around him there's not enough of a running attack I will say this watch out for double moves and things like that I'm Byron Jones it should all be able to say because they play a lot of like man coverage or just three deep with a single safety in the back so I think you could see that as well all right next topic what's more likely the patriots confused packed my homes again or the chiefs are ready for bill Belichick's defense well I'm going to go with the number one again here I mean this is a tough one I I you know what what do you feel here I just feel like yeah I mean I feel that bill Belichick in the way they have this defense orchestrated they're going to come out with something that need Kansas city's not quite prepared for especially early on I see that happening more than than the cheese coming out just torching bill Belichick in the defense but what did we see Sunday night yeah when the Texans were able to put on our Hopkins and will fuller and Kenny stills out there a lot of zone and that zone got picked apart you can't just say this upon Gilmore go take away Tyree kill because they do have the other weapons that can put stress on the defense now earlier on the TV side only Chris showed how the pager travel to slow down the kids city office in the AFC championship game specifically to how to take away Tyree kill I don't think you can take away everyone in the thing is right they use that in that game so this time around Andy Reid will coming that's part of the chess masters he expect that does expect something else how does he attack what he sees and how to that's why they're always again those tablets on the sideline right it's trying to figure out what the hell they're doing it may be different what they expected that's right what's the attack for today you know gosh it's been the first twenty plays let's see if we can find a theme for what they're doing to us in certain formations are when we have certain personnel says that is exactly right Mike that's what they are looking for it spell check is usually one step ahead in that game that's where he's phenomena Andy Reid is a phenomenal game plan that way as well and I'm sure New England the type of team where they spent a little time in the off season have a few tricks up their sleeve to go after the patriots as well this is going to be a fascinating one it really is because you know that the chiefs are I think trying to change the way they approach on offense a little bit everybody's caught on to their shot gun downfield passing attack and I think they're trying to add other elements of the offense right now it's a little bit of a work in progress I think it'll be interesting I just I wished the one thing that Texans did that the chiefs are good at yet the Texans can run the ball and they're pretty patient that way so that could hurt like Bella check to Kansas city is trying to run the ball more but I still don't think they're quite where they want to be in that that's one thing to watch for and let's move on to the next one what's more likely typically who's more likely to rush for a hundred or more yards this week Lamar Jackson or Josh out well I gotta go Lamar Jackson but this one well I I would not be shocked because it's a slow front seven for the ravens and you and I also an odd about Josh out every week he he ran for three hundred yard games in a row last year actually two hundred yard games and then ran for ninety nine in the third so he is dangerous but I'm going to go with Lamar Jackson Mike this is the one thing can people start talking about Josh Allen a little bit the national media I mean the Baker Mayfield or Sam Donald were nine and three everybody be gone all my gosh this is the greatest thing ever look all these teams return on their investment in the top three picks it was amazing Josh Alan I mean he was the star of the show on thanksgiving and nobody really talks about it I just don't understand it are you in the national media I yes I'm trying that's why I'm trying to do it okay well for about that somebody is talking about yeah yes I'm just trying to get a little more credit there but I know you and I like a lot I'm given a hard time yeah the the here's the thing yeah on the surface this is an easy question because Lamar Jackson seems to have a hundred or more rushing yards on a regular basis but I added bills defense is gonna use yeah there are a pain in the **** as as as we begin to understand more about the way the ravens deploy the Marge Jackson and your friend Kyle Shanahan put it best last week when he decides to run he is not a mobile quarterback who is running he is a running back he doesn't look to throw he doesn't look to get out of bounds he doesn't look to slide and I saw him get down a couple times last week wisely and not all running backs just continue to plow into contact because you can't survive if you do it but you know these defenses as the stakes get higher in these games these differences are going to calm add him and we saw what the patriots did Josh Allen he tried to run the ball earlier this year right and I think that's a great teaching point for the bills defense Lamar Jackson when he is running you treat him like any other running back and you hit him hard and that's my concern that the bill's going to swarm him when he tries to run so maybe Josh Allen is the guy who comes out of this one with with more rushing yardage maybe he's more likely to get a hundred rushing yards because maybe maybe the the ravens defense starts adjusting to what he's doing in the passing game in the opportunities will be their former that that's exactly right that's what I look at it you know that buffalo usually does have a a player to every game or it's a design run for Josh Alec but yeah Josh Allen stats on the running game will come through the scramble like you said and it is a little dangerous the ravens like to play man to man so their backs will be turned and they don't have tremendous team speed on the front seven they're big they're over powering the not necessarily fast so if he does break the pocket he should be able to break in ripoff some yards but I'm still going Lamar Jackson and you are too right yeah I think so yeah I think so although it wouldn't surprise me if it goes the other way around last one real quickly yeah which rams offense is more likely to show up on Sunday night football the team we saw last week which ripped apart the cardinals or the unit that couldn't score twenty points for nearly a full month of new man I I think we're gonna go back to the like around twenty points type offense again because.

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