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People know that ice is on the way. To different protests so that they can kinda get home curfews I mean whatever I can do. That's what I'm as well as donating because I am in a position where I'm blessed to be, but the do so making sure that people that need the help have it, so that's what I'm out with it and I think is important for people to not feel pressured to speak if they don't have the words. Don't feel pressured like a performance of activism. Just 'cause I've I even had people on my edgy like. What are you GonNa Post something I'm like listen. We have been supporting our black ecosystem. Always. My brand has always been about that I don't have to wait. Until tragedy strikes suddenly be like damn. I should have been circulating the black dollar. We've been doing that I. will always do that. Always have it's always been my priority so I. Do Know I. Get defensive in that sense like. Bitch! Again. Check the whole. The fuck you, have you have you? Have you been listening like? Where have you been with like we've been here? This is literally been my heart. Centered model like this is what I do and so and also I think people expect you to like. Be this manic person. That is you know on I g twitter facebook and it's like Whoa like I'm I'm processing this just like you are, and I'm also doing my best to amplify the community. As well as I can, while also protecting my sanity aside day texts me the other day like hey, how you feeling and I was like I'm in that. That space between needing to stay informed wanting to protect the community awesome needing to protect my sanity. And it's like how do you do that? When every day you wake up, it feels like it's another crazy. storyline in the news so that you're like what the fuck the shit? That's happening in a matter of eight hours when you're sleeping. It's mind blowing, so I don't know that. It's just a lot going on Asante. Dustin you about to say something. What were you gonNA say? Forget what I was about to say, as we're sitting here I got that emergency alert on my phone. PM. New York is now on an eight PM to five am nightly curfew from June second to June seventh. So that. Completely impacts like so many things that we have going on It's just a reminder. Like last night we were under curfew for the first time and I'm like okay eleven pm to five am. That's for tonight. That's just what it is now to see this alert that it's an earlier curfew and it's extended over a period of five days. It just feels so binding and just is this crazy man and I guess the other point that I was GonNa make kind of knocked the wind out my sales a little bit, but the next point that I was going to make a or the previous point that I was GonNa? Make dials back to the. Issue now. He did post a video. After he received a lot of well-deserved response to his post, he made including someone holding up a poster. They said all lives matter on an empty street with no one else protesting. It was obviously you know a curated photo which is cool. You know what I'm saying, but. To me is about your intention and I think this is the problem with a lot of people that want attention to the point of celebrity or something status at a level of visibility that would be considered fame right when people are only pursuade of fame and attention and shit like that and celebrity they they are devoid of the the Mir fundamental things the pieces that you need in order to make whatever your product is substantive. Here's a key scenario where this shows itself in in just neon writing. You go on instagram. And you posted a video San well I did we had to get stylists? Makeup artists hair stylists posters markers. We did effort y'all. Know you didn't Santana. No, you didn't. And what you deal is exposed the fact that you are baseless like if you, if your intention was to put some content out to edify the people or to supplement the people in some way or to comfort, you know your supporters in an aide them in time this and what you do is you. Sit The fuck down. You educate yourself about what's going on identify. Identify audience, and you identify key areas where you can offer some support, and you present that we're benefit nothing from you, a dumb ass, picture and outfit and Shit with with bad penmanship on poster boy that we had to square and read anyway and steel made out the three dumbest words in the history of creation, and and here you are expecting what from us because you went to CVS and city trans. Where do you want from me for that for your trips I? Just don't get it until this is why it's always important to really kind of build into the foundation, and the the the fundamental elements of whatever it is that you do because otherwise it's just a bunch of fluff, and it always ends up being exposed as such always mile, said 'cause I exactly fit wasn't based on had no intention to it except to get attention, and that's exactly what got exposed, and it's tough because I know people are feeling the pressure of needing to say something. Needing to post something because people are also in your DM's. It's like Whoa. We're all experiencing the the same way. Not only are they in your dams, and I'm not even speaking for me, but just from what I've seen, but like they're being sub tweeted like a substantial rate likewise I'm like what are they like when they do say some, because when people like your favorite celebrities ain't saying this that and the third, and then they come up for air, and then they say some dumbest fuck so I'm like. Why did you want them to speak it away like Y'all beg for them to speak and I. Don't know why I think thing is. Some people have spoken out previously about matters that are. Closely related to this and so those are some of the more Those are some of the people who have their expectation placed on? Them I agree with you a scientist that it's unfair. I've always been vocal about the fact that I only would like whatever your product or your gift is that you present to us as a celebrity. That's all I'm interested in from your I. Don't care what you think about anything else. I just want whatever it is that I. Know You for I've always said that. And this is a situation where you can see the benefit of that sort of philosophy, right? It's going to call it that but. So so there are certain who I feel like should have something to say Kanye West had his ass, which I know that he wouldn't even say anything of value, but it's just the point you didn't. You've embarrassed. Black America even embarrassed everyone including your mom who was a professor of African American Studies. You've embarrassed her with such an up. Empty statement about slavery, being a choice. You've aligned herself with Donald Trump. He has now created this dictatorship in stated damn near martial law. All like this. This country is literally at its worst everything that could go wrong has gone wrong, and he's still some way to align himself with Donald Trump, who is at the helm of all of this chaos and calamity so where you're at now when the entire world what happened, is we? We were all quarantine and everybody was at home, sitting the fuck down paying attention to what's been going on, and so because normally we have to go to work or go to this or go to that and we always have something to do that. kind of stops us from really sitting in our thoughts and giving the damn about certain issues right now. The whole world was pause when this incident took place and unfortunately for. Some people that is when they finally clicked for them right so now it's like what are you going to say? We are at the height of awareness for all of these things this like I said previously this incessant police brutality against black people, and you've already been vocal about political issues in the past. Saying things like George Bush doesn't care about black people you know shining shoes and eating watermelon. ITN's TNZ and then going to the White House and doing what you did. So where are you now? What do you have to say now? When literally the floor is yours? I think that those are the people who. I'm being held to the yes, and inappropriately so justifiably so in my opinion, they're asked to the fire and make sure you burn the cheeks..

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