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So gates said that they knew exactly. What was going on course they did Of course, they did How could you not? Know, what's going, on, just you know look I am not going to sit here and paint either of these cats, as? Wonderful human beings right they had money. In other Bank accounts they made four dollars and they didn't bring it home and give it to the US like the. US wanted, them to We can argue about whether or not that's you know you should do that you should you know But They, didn't Of that there is some trouble still nothing to do. With. Russia right we've just talked about the meeting and the Sonnen Don Jr. Still nothing to do with Russia I think the only person or maybe. Two depending on son-in-law Jared Kushner the only two people that have an issue, here when it comes to Russia Ben Trump or those two Kushner potentially and Don Jr. This other stuff is let's get as many people as we possibly, can with the potential Of maybe they knowing something and. Maybe have taken meetings had maybe been in the same situation where Don Jr. us, that whereas as, I, start to look as more and more pieces start to come together I start say okay cool is about Don Jr. Manafort is just somebody they thought, hey he was associated he's got some dealings in in Russia with people that you know in. The Ukraine who were pro-putin and he made a ton of money over there is lobbying guy but the reality is. He's now just something that they're gonna finish but it's not going to get them, anything closer to, Trump, and what they're looking for Do you think he's dirty? Manafort. Probably do I think that people go over to? Europe, and and elsewhere and lobby and, get big dollars from all, kinds, of, people, throughout, Europe, and the, Middle East and southeast Asia and they. Put it in Bank accounts all over the globe I absolutely do is he the only one now is he probably going to get popped because. There's a certain guilt by association yes. Do they, really, care about Manafort. In this altogether no but now that they've started it they've got to finish three two three five three eight twenty.

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