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I'm Chris Trunk Man. Our top story at 11 o'clock, there were more than 6000 new cases of Corona virus in Florida. The governor DeSanto says he has no plans to start closing down the economy again, saying, We're not going backwards. I don't think that that really is what's driving and I mean people go into business is not not what's driving it. I think when you see the younger folks I think a lot of it is more just social interactions. The governor says The bottom line is to protect the vulnerable and he's reminding younger people. They have a responsibility to avoid infecting those who may be at risk. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Quality areas, discouraging commissioners from following South Florida's example in closing beaches for the Fourth of July to try and implement something like that, you know, with a couple of days notice, and I'm not sure that we're accomplishing anything because again The problem is that people outdoors on the Sam Gualtieri says it took hundreds of deputies to enforce the Spring Beach shutdown. And later social distancing. He guarantees a holiday beach shutdown would create pushback from beachgoers. In Washington. The House leadership unveils its climate plan with the Tampa Bay Congress woman playing a leading role as Democrats unveiled their climate change roadmap on Capitol Hill. Tampa Congresswoman Kathy Castor said it would promote American green energy jobs and environmental justice for minority communities. We have a plan to solve the climate crisis and we can rebuild better and stronger democratsclaim. Their plan would save 60,000 lives a year and $8 trillion by 2050 Gordon Byrd News radio WOFL A those worried about being kicked out of their homes, air getting a reprieve, Governor De Santis announced he's.

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