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Look, things will unravel over the next week or two, then we'll find out for certain. But I think on the side of it looking like a bit of a managed to come back at this stage. Well, there is romance. To a big comeback. And we all love a good comeback. Let's pick it. Frank Sinatra. Robbie Fowler's return to Liverpool, Roy Keane's return for Ireland. Kim Kardashian. She goes, she got coming her back in that video. Did we just do this? Did we just talk about Davy Russell for a convoluted Kim Kardashian comeback joke? Yes. Yes, of course we did because we're childish and that's what it's all about. But no, I'm died in his back. And I'm excited to see what he can do. And he's going to be a big player at the Dublin racing festival. And the entries are out today. So last week you accidentally admitted that you tend to Google questions that you've been asked, so your rumbled on that one. It's still hilarious. I would like a child. Admitted, I'm just Googling, oh crap. Literally said out loud what you should have said. So we know that the ticket sales in the UK are huge. I think it's one in four tickets that have been sold for the have been sold to UK customers. That's fantastic. But how many British trained racehorses are entered for the DOF? We're talking the early closes now, aren't we? It's not going to be many. I'm going to go for, I think it'd be less than 5 to be honest. I'm going to offer two. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. To we've all been caught for Nigel Tristan Davis has been entered in the novice hurdle and so royal has been entered in the Dublin chase. Yeah. It's a shame, isn't it? But it just doesn't, it just doesn't seem to be on the radar of British trainers, does it? For whatever reason. I think it would be great. To see more British representation over there. But most of them are probably thinking, why should we go over there and just get our asses under to us by the Irish when that's what they tend to do when they come over to children anyway? So they're just doing it, aren't they? Yeah, that's what it comes down to. Essentially, look, the prize money is huge. The prestige of the DRS is just getting bigger and bigger. It's built around those two key races. The Irish champion hurdle and the Irish gold cup. And your set to come over a huge amount of final furlong listeners are coming over. Yeah, I'm very excited about it. The amount of people I've been talking to about going racing who are saying they've already got their tickets for the DRS, yet they're not talking about going to shelter them. I find that quite intriguing. Don't worry, tell them we'll be fine, they'll still have probably sold out crowds for all four days, but there just seems to be more hype about the DRS this time around. And that's very interesting. So yeah, it's looking like the Willie Mullins show again as well, given the strength and deputy as he's got appreciated dice a dyno and el fabiola in the Irish arkle. They've got other options as well. Hammers the Burley is also in the Irish Oracle. Gordon's got Phil door. Joseph Brian's going to run bambridge by the looks of things. Irish point hidden valley Lake range Claire west, some really exciting horses are all in there and I'm very much looking forward to the effort. It's going to be a lot of fun. And a lot of fun to break it down here on the show. Just unwilling Melinda. Do you think it's probably fair to say that he's got the largest amount of strength in depth that he's ever had. This season? Oh, that's a very tough, isn't it? That's a great question. Yeah, I would say, I would say that is a very accurate statement. And what's every everywhere you look, it's just stacked, isn't it? Absolutely stopped. Well, let's do a very brief quick comparison here, shall we? So supreme novices hardly. He's obviously got that by the short and curlies, because he's got fuss el Vega. We have the Irish with the Moscow flyer, which is one of the key Irish trials for the supreme. And he is the favorite for that. Who's currently at 12 to one shot, Gaelic warrior was going to run today, but the meeting was canceled a klum. It's been rescheduled for next week. So he will have the option of the supreme or the ballymore. He's got the second third and fourth favorites and the 5th favorite. And the 6th favorite who's currently out of action, so take him out of the bedding, please. Champion hurdle, he's got statement in verb on. Mary's hurdle, brandy love, where is she? Stormy Ireland is still knocking around and burning victory. He's got them as well. Boodles. He's got the favorite for that in cacao. He has the favorite for the national chase and gay art de menil and backup for that. Bali Moore champ Kylie, Gaelic warrior who we mentioned Iberia pass and a whole heap of other horses who have either won a bumper or are about to run in a maiden hurdle. Hammers the Burley for the Brown advisory. Gallic warrior and saint Sam are very prominent in the bedding for the coral cup. Champion chase is the odds on favorite men in the defending champion. And he is the third favorite in blue lord. Dearie me. Grand annual, who cares? Obviously, on the day we care, but not right now. Champion bumper. He is the favorite for that in Chapo de soy. In the Turner's hem is the berle appreciated el Fabio. And a number of others. Ryanair, he's got the favorite in alejo. So he's got that one. He's got classical dream who is not entered, so I presume they're going straight to Shelton, which I like an awful lot because he's better fresh. He's not in anything at the DF, and he's not in, he's not in the galmoy either. Which TFO is going to run on these day. Mayors hurdle, he's got asteroid diamond. And a couple of others. Triumph, well, he's got the first and second favorites for that. And lastly, molten gala marsu. The potato race. Yeah, there's a couple in there as well. Goal cup. He has the favorite and gallop in the shop. So basically, and he's got the favorite for the mayor's chase as well, who will win allego de vassi. So it's William Mullins world and we're all just living it. It's incredible, isn't it? Absolutely incredible. The amount of depth in that stable at the moment. It must be just a frightening prospect for anyone wanting to take him on at the moment. And yet, Henry du bromhead, Joseph O'Brien, Gordon Elliott, Gavin Cromwell. They're all training winners. It's not like you can't win a race in Ireland because Willie's got everything wrapped up. You absolutely can and they're winning big races here too. So it's not he's dominating and he hits 6 winners on one card at leopard stones Christmas meeting on the 27th. And he trained real steel. He's a Willy Mullins cast off, and then goes on to win the paddy power chase. So he was connected to that horse as well. That was an extraordinary achievement. What I thought was even more impressive about that was the entries that he made for Christmas. It was a 143 entries he made.

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