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The purpose of these types of shows are to conduct deep dives into individual companies. So we can learn about the important aspects evaluation and the competitive nature for businesses in its sector. Today's discussion will be for a deep value pick and that's Charles Schwab. So without further delay, here's our chat with the reef. Listening to the investors podcast while we studied the financial markets and read the books that influenced self made billionaires the most we keep you informed and prepared for the unexpected. Welcome to the podcast I'm your host Dick Bros and Ns always unaccompanied by my co host Preston Pysche. I am very excited about the stock that we were talking about today because with inflated asset prices everywhere our guest my have found a stop the trait as a really attractive price to value rate you this doug is Charles Schwab answer help us analyzing that stock. We have our Korean with. US. Welcome back on the show riff. Hey Dig. I really appreciate always get to be on your show. Great to talk. We definitely love having you a rift like set. There will be talking about Charles Schwab. The ticker is S. C. H. W. it's one of the cheapest high quality picks out there, and we'll talk about the intrinsic value at the end of the episode. But first things first, could you please provide an overview of the business? Charles Schwab has been around for. Gosh almost fifty years now it was established or founded by chuck, Schwab back in the days when in the US at least brokered is regulated. INC is still regulated, but commissions were regulated by I guess agency the government, and there are at a high price point and really at the time for the average investor to be able to trade stocks, you paid very high commissions because the trading a was a manuals, a bunch of people forming a market but be it was bundled with Wall Street research, and so all that was kind of embedded in the cost of trading and Schwab was a guy who busy wanted to..

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