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And I think because when Joe was getting bigger that I saw it with Joe Ideas doing with brody and stuff that those fans And loved the Audio version of Joe Rogan and they wanted more they want to be doing once a week maybe twice a week but mostly just once a week people would listen to Ari those people listen to Joey on the days I chose not doing a podcast they will now listen to these people and it's going to help them go to they're not who they are I wanted everyone to know who all our friends were like I was like Ari is going to Texas next week you know I want people to come to his show and now we don't have to do morning radio because we could just do these podcasts and uncensored we could stone we could do whatever the fuck we want and that was my that's what pushed me to do it it was like I know how to do this and it's just open and no one else is doing it why not help everyone I hang out with make them have a podcast so they can have what I see happening Joe happening there is one on my God I get frequent flyer mind and who am I ah welcome everyone to an exciting new episode of Ra. Sha fear skeptic hank asked guys this one's a fucking great one oh my goodness went got my hyped up okay so I talked to read bad Brian red band about the beginnings of the podcast scene in Los Angeles he I I am not overstating ignace right now he is responsible for most of the podcasts you'd like directly and then somewhat indirectly how do I start this. He and Rogan I mean we'll we'll talk about in the episode but he and Rogan started the Joe Rogan experience podcast and it wasn't even meant to start as a pocket so it was just starting is fucking around on the internet which slowly evolved into the pockets he forced I mean forced me to get ours you're skeptic tank going I kept bothering me and bothered me and bothered me about it and then of course they didn't know how to do it and he was like I got all that for you man he took care of all of it without him I am not over stadium is this podcast never exists without him your mom's House podcast doesn't get going without him fucking D yes doesn't get going with his podcast and thereby from from your mom's house you got Whiskey Ginger Santana's pockets and Dr Drew Dark and everyone on Sigler Sigler Gore while stickler we're already gotten now maybe not the cause even indirectly all these other podcasts are going because we started going because the Joe Rogan experience podcast got going and me and Tom and ds are going and then Duncan started up because of that and Bert started up because of that then it just was like it just exploded the whole scene exploded every comma got one and he only helped some of them but he got that seeing going on not over dating we're going to talk about this an episode and if you listened to the very end of the episode you will hear how Thakin reinvigorated I am what the fuck are doing this thing or do whatever the fuck we want Oh man I forgot Jesus Christ I got fucking sidetracked this guerilla Goddamn radio that we're doing and there's no fucking rules that government hasn't touched this yet they will they'll come down on us but they having it would where the fuck we want lights out guerrilla radio man this is fucking cool shit that we're doing got me could hyped up this conversation so you don't understand what it was like that that there was no there was no rules it was just like it was just like ooh let's figure it out so so we talked about it we talked about the beginnings of this I mean if you look at my I tunes fear my fear whatever the first twenty one episodes aren't up there because they're on death-squad see I did them on red bands podcast network death-squad me and Jason Tibo Tripoli we call in and other people to he's the podfather show he called that's his nickname call does I mean redbeard says nickname but But I call him Brian because I fucked mom but like most other people will call him and I'm telling you those last thirty minutes it got me so fucking hyped up I'm getting a studio I am for sure listen to it you'll hear why there's no reason for me not to and all that Patriot Patriot dot com slash scattered tank that all hey for that sign up for my Patriot I add extra cup three a month something like that as much as I can pictures of my travels shit like that member supported NPR. That's where we are here Gods fucking fun I got some dates are going to be in Nashville and a week and a half with Adrian seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth of October our at Zanies Adrian Appalachia will be in the new episode I think in December new series of the Interets her Ms Pat Bobby Kelly Norton Donald Rollins who was the less another woman did you three and three now because stand up comedy suddenly made up of half women and half men right and it's definitely not eighty five percent men anyway they're doing half men and women who was the last woman Adrian is Pat how do I not remember anyway Yum Yummy do the last one I forgot anyway from there I'm in San Jose November seventh eighth and ninth oh I got barely any dates left for this for Jew tour and then got Uh Detroit at the on the Fourteenth Chicago the Vic Theater on November sixteenth that's a fucking show definitely come onto that Chicago and then Cincinnati on the seventy breath all tickets are available at Ari Shapiro Dot Com you can also find information on all these episodes The music that I use I think we start that music shit with red band out to death squad TV. I forgot about that lose like let's pick a song let's pick a fun song to go with this guys I mean I've been wanting to do this episode for a couple years now and I'm glad even more time pass some podcasts is more than people's like minds and we went over the beginnings up from the way corollas started really mainstream comedy podcast and Brogan how the whole Joe Rogan experience podcast artist I mean we went through all of it he was there from the ground he helped build it what a fucking fun time I by the way in killing with this hour schiffer ju I went through Texas San Antonio Dallas Houston and had a fucking great what my I fuck in cowboy game home cow that was so fucking fine dude somebody record oh I went with a grudge conquest is a funny comic and he's a cowboy fan also so I was at I was at the game is through four old black man three old black man one like mid age black man was behind me and then a row behind them The owner of the Dallas Improv got US fucking sick tickets in front of Jerry Jones anyway so this lady behind them I guess you recognize she goes she leaned over their shoulder are you are you should fear surname Ra yes and she goes already the Jew he's black men just their mouths dropped there were like like it was the rudest thing in the world and I'll guys don't worry it's not racist it seems racist but it's not racist they were like Oh so do we time went to Franklin so we drove from Dallas to Austin and stopped and I just was taking registered see Franklin I was the barbecue but I was just taking to see Franklin and then I was like let's just go by and I was like you know a lot of people call this the best barbecue in the world he's never been to Texas and we got we got some nuts and so on a lark we got the Franken Barbecue brisket and I didn't fuck it up this time always with sausage links Turkey or fucking whole pork no a pound a third brisket two thirds of that three quarters of that should be fatty and really want one lean pace and the rest just get fatty and it melts in your mouth you've never had you don't do a lot of us should tell you but I want to go into it I really don't even want to go into it I'll do a quick read now fuck it I'm not doing advocates today Noth- fuck it I'm too hyped up on this guys got two.

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