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Support for most your radio comes apart from the spilled milk podcast every week on spilled milk bestselling authors molly wiz in bergen matthew hamster burden start with the food related topic from apples to french toast to tv dinners and then they run with it is far as they can go and usually a lot further than that it's a comedy show for people who love food so subscribed to spill milk on apple podcast or wherever you get your hi this is christopher kimbell thanks for downloading this week's podcast you can go to our website milk street radiocom for each week recipes are one recommendations in updates about our cooking school in live of events had milk street here's this week's show this is mostly radio i'm your host christopher kimbell throughout my whole career i've been amazed that if you walk up to somebody but the no pattern a pen and you ask them personal questions they feel compelled to tell you you know and and and food people especially are helpful there in the hospitality business that was kim's iverson of food correspondent at the new york times today unveiled streets iverson talks about the art of the interview and how she suss out the truth about paula deemed alton braunen also thomas keller i'll be speaking with kim and just a bit first crystal kings recently published novel feast of sorrow is a page turner about the roman crewmate marcus gaby is hickeys crystal how are you good uh the feast of sorrow.

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