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Prince girl that's a guy in china manager conference call with several of his peers from around china a video conference call they all get done he forgets to turn off the camera and starts pounding away at a colleague on the conference table and and presumably every who was on the conference golf watched it boehner candidate number two i'm sure this was just a coincidence the ar fifteen that was posted by the national rifle association yesterday on their official national rifle association tweet which what did you say we will dwell handle our own we'll handle our own guns and there's a little american flag on the ar fifteen stalker i think it's on the magazine yeah so there you go that's that's the nra the opposite of sensitive and i think wayne lapierre's bathes in in human blood and boater candidate number three we believe in the right to assemble so lock them up the school in michigan the kids wanted to go outside and do that seventeen minute protests and the people there said not the principles and said no you know we believe in the right to assemble but we're not gonna let you do it in the walk the door we believe in the right to do it but you can't do it and that was for all the other schools of that did that to let's see jared wanna boehner tshirt and the winner really fierce voting between two and three early but the winner ends up being the nra i'm sure this was a coincidence i didn't i knew it would do well i didn't think i would win.

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