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For entertainment there was every week. So I hear this don't worry. Hey, here's a little education. If you do go down there. One of the things you're going to need is a shovel, and you can show genius. Wait a minute. I was going here at the name for a short handled. Shovel is a pony shovel. You stop it. It is it's called a show matter just needs a short shovel. Don't tell he's going to go out. And he said, yeah. Doorly gonna help him when he's down there to know the proper name trying to educate the man that the name of short handled show pony knows yo to want to get caught in a crawlspace someone and get western new on what the name shovel later with you for fear. It'd be accused of murder sir were from the building department. Do you know the name of that shovel? Oh too short one. No, we're right knee up zoning violation. Boy, you know, you unknown tools. You have been cited for every owning relation owned. Indianapolis them all you know. But you haven't heard this owning one for pony shovel Houston. Good luck. James you need a pit you needed. I tell you did I tell you that Nancy Roberts said that the largest convention was a fireman thinks subject here, but let's just jump right back to the bucket one more or less. Yes. We don't wanna make them think the way it is set up really the downside, it'll work. It's just possible. More than possible that the life of your pump won't be what it should be. If it was in a regular pip. So I think that's a fair way the way it is not a danger is what I'm trying to say him. Anyway. There's lots of analogies. But this is just not going to end. Well, someday. Plane. S waiting for that never heard you sing. That's what's so funny. You get something. Also, I have never drank during the show. That is not true. It is too. I've never drank on this show when we're at Sullivan's and they've got beer bring. Oh, not. And I spit it. Right back out in the bowl because our f- some license. We are not allowed to their alcohol. Absolutely. You can ask Terry safety. We did it for years, and we used to wine tastings, and we would five AM in the morning, and we would switch it around. And then you kind of taste the bouquet, and then we will be speaking of which we'll be with Stacy tomorrow from ten to noon at the decorator show. I think it's on Washington boulevard this year. But I don't know what hundred block. Yeah. I don't know what street so you knew more than I did. But I figured Meridian Kessler for the crowds and head that way. But you know, what we're gonna do is at ten to twelve Saint Margaret's guilt from ten to twelve right? Always a joy to join Terry. Stacey since she the best. She is so tomorrow morning, a very special first day with the two of us and say, hey, because it's Terry show that means. You have to take your direction from Terry. You're not going to be sitting in the big chair Terry's in charge. Okay. Dwayne grew by three nine nine. AJ's going to find the right theme. And you'll know Alison exactly what I'm talking about buddy. Dave sent me a text here. Just a minute. Stick a sock in Sullivan's mouth. He's one of your biggest fans, he hates you. Does he? This is not is. Oh, there it is. But that's not the official version it's closer than your closer. In your version, man. This is not this is the nightclub version. Right. You don't know. Benny. Yes is not originals. This is like the nightclub version of try the veal. Guy. Singing that song says. Yeah, I see you. Hey. All right. Yeah. Boy. All right. We'll get the right one. We'll get that to you. All right. Three nine ninety three ninety three. When we come back. We're gonna talk about the. We got fifteen minutes for you to get fishers for this eleven o'clock class. There's not many seats left. You want twenty percent off on all your fresh goods come to Fisher's best eleven o'clock class, you're gonna love this one. So when we come back going to be talking about small shrubs little versions of some of the favorite in the landscape because that's what everyone is looking forward easy to manage plants. Small Schroeder is a ever otherwise known as pets elephants eyebrows. A bunch of them that are you know, what you have been waiting on that one. He said that written down for a while. Yeah. So that's what we'll be doing. We'll throw some of those out there. Some of them are getting hard to get. But we'll talk about that. When we return Ninety-three WIBC, totally cats any city county council Democrats spent eight hundred twenty two thousand dollars to buy new cars for the city team. Need new cars was this part of the budget is this part of the honestly balanced budget of of a mayor Joe read at Kennedy.

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