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In protest and they were escorted out roughly temer keith npr news jerusalem the secretary of defense is holding a series of meetings in asia where the us is attempting to counter china's growing influence jim mattis will spend the next two days in indonesia up the defense secretary then travels to vietnam just days before the fiftieth anniversary of the vietnam war had offensive 1968 last week secretary mattis announced that while combating terrorism would remain a top priority for washington the us is national security strategy must focus on fighting threats from china and russia he says they're revision his powers that want to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models us stocks trading higher with the dow jones industrial average up nearly thirty points at twenty six thousand one hundred one the nasdaq is up 45 points at three eighty one and the sp is up ten points at twenty eight twenty this is npr news backlash is growing in south korea to show of unity between the two koreas at the upcoming winter olympics npr's at least he reports the public discontent showed up in a protests against visiting north koreans demonstrators showed up at seoul's main train station to meet a visiting north korean advance delegation protesters used a blow torch to set fire to a north korean flag and to an image of north korean leader kim jongun the north korean delegation came to seoul to scout performance locations at the upcoming winter games that's where the two koreas will make shows of unity by marching together in the opening ceremony and fielding a combined women's hockey team many south korean say the combined team goes too far turning the south's big chance to host into a showcase for north korean propaganda instead the south korean president meanwhile is pressing for public support for his administration's attempts to make peace elise hugh npr news soul the immediate threat on the peninsula is the nuclear threat posed by north korea and that's prompting neighbors to consider all of their options to survive a worst case scenario the latest involved in evacuation drill in japan the first.

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