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Gency tass says the airliner had been flying since 2010 with a two year break because of a shortage of parts there were seventy one people on board of course wanted matthew chances some pieces of the plane had been found about twenty five miles from the airport and the moscow region is experiencing some of its most you know somebody heaviest snowfall for many many decades um and i expect that investigators will be looking at that as born possibility uh as they yeah as they tried to get the ball what's happened to this aircraft russia's transport minister announces says there are no survivors the white house continues to try to minimize the fallout from how officials handled the case of senior trump aide rob porter who was fired after published reports of accusations by his two exwives of physical and mental abuse kellyanne conway the presidential counselor on cnn this morning this high five along iras also thanks shock humbly says she believes the women democratic senators one answers from the white house about who knew what and went about the allegations against rob porter twelve senators have signed a letter asking win white house officials first learned of the allegations chicago is not just the windy city it's the snow week city says meteorologist allison chinchar a harvey a smell at least for right now is really centered around chicago and it's been snowing there for days in fact today makes the ninth straight day of measurable snow in chicago that ties the record police in eastern kentucky this morning still orange saying if they know would cause demand to go on a shooting spree yesterday afternoon the claimed five lives they say josette nichols shot and killed four people at two locations before killing himself at least three people are dead after a tour helicopter crashed either grand canyon late yesterday afternoon i'm christopher cruise mm people make your business work but how.

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