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Render from the city welfare department. Joining us this morning team has been on. I guess you guys decided to give Stacey finally some time. All right. Stacy's taking a few days off spend time with his wife. So well, you know, she probably would appreciate that more. Maybe not yet. Really? No all right about your pal that you brought in here today. Tina? This is the guy's name is nNcholas. He's ten years old little terrier scruffy dog. He is house trained and just super easy goin'. We've had him with several dogs at the shelter. Does really well with other animals, he just needs a good home to spend the rest of his life. And he just easy easy back. He's he's a little older than than what you guys usually bring inside. I'm going to guess he had been maybe with the family and their circumstances changed and they had to give him up for adoption. Is that kind of the way it worked? He was with the family who just wasn't able to care for him anymore. So he has been in a home his whole life. He he will not use the bathroom in his kennel. He's really good about going outside. He loves to walk on a leash. She's just a super easy. Oh, and he would probably be really good for family that does like to God walk or or maybe even a an older. Couple who still get out pretty active because he certainly seems to be a very well behaved and break. Goodwill dog there. Yeah. He's really good little dog gone. A you know, he's got a little Bob tail there. Yeah. I don't know if he has some Jack Russell and him or not he's a little bit bigger than your average, Jack. He's about thirty pounds. But he definitely looks like a giant Jack Russell terrier. He does right. Yeah. He Canada's same thing. He's a little bigger than you, usually. You know, you never know sometimes as usual, you guys gonna be out and about in the communities where can folks come see you this weekend. We are going to be Saturday. We'll be a PetSmart in midwest city from eleven to four and then Sunday will be PetSmart on. I two forty from eleven thirty to three thirty. Have you guys? I know the community always response when you know, you guys are over there. It's always kind of really big fun event. And that the RV that you bring out all those animals in there. That's gonna get a little crazy at times. We actually as far as the communities concerned, we are always looking for volunteers and fosters, and we have our volunteer orientational Saturday. At our location twenty seven south east twenty ninth street at ten o'clock people can just show up if they're interested in learning. How to become a foster for us or learning how to be volunteer? That's something that, you know, some some folks aren't maybe necessarily able because of where they live to where they can have a dog, especially a big dog. But we have a lot of people who live animals who love dogs and your volunteers are so important to what you guys do just taking those dogs out for a walk or a run whatever they might need. Absolutely. We have so many different opportunities for the volunteers volunteers even run these adoption vents that we talk about every week. So we have a lot of different opportunities for them. But just getting these dogs out and giving them a chance to get out of the kennels and take run outside makes all the difference in the world. You're Bala cheers one thing. And then you mentioned the the fosters tell us a little bit about that program. If somebody's listening to this. And this is the first time there. They're hearing about that are fosters, especially this time of year are just essential for us to be able to hit that ninety percent live release rate. So we are looking at a lot of puppies coming into the shelter and possibly kittens soon. So we have a lot of different opportunities for Foster's. They can foster baby animals just until they're big enough for surgery. If that's what they're looking to do. They can foster moms with babies they can foster animals that have been injured. So sometimes just animals that don't do on the shelter and a little scared needs some outside the shelf Cuna Rimmer with Oklahoma City animal welfare and Tina reminded again where you guys are gonna be this weekend. We're going to be at PetSmart and midwest city on Saturday, and then PetSmart and to forty on Sunday, and as usual if people want to get a look at Nickless and the other pets you guys have the websites. Great place to go. They can go to www. Okay. See dot gov slash animal, welfare and checkout. All. All the animals. All right. Very good. Tina Tina, thank you very much. And we wish Stacey a lot of on his days.

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