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But if you do what do you do do you look around your shoulder? Honestly, I don't know what you do friends where the wedding when they were on the way out on their boarding pass this little thing. Just all you this morning was actually taped on their boarding pass relied yet, probably if you were flying if you're an American citizen, you would get that on your boarding pass as little sticker on up say, oh, we do not meet the security requirement. Please increase cautioned with she like. So what do that now? Dr. Yeah. That is that is bizarre. And then so I stayed. Went back to Manila airport design motif four, which is the domestic terminal, which is a shed which you cannot connect from all therefore terminals one two three four. They're not linked to each other. So you need to get out and take a cab, which is why I built sometimes in Manila arrived the night before and food the morning after because I knew this impossible to not realize the city was could have made it all the was in normal settings possible which thank God actually allowed me to find clothes for the wedding. Finally, just last-second because that's summer and to arrive at t for still shed last time, I flew there. It was ten years ago. And it hasn't changed, and it's a disaster. But it's funny. It's almost endearing. How much is a disaster. They have like it's five gates. Basically, imagine, Alex. It's the size of the room you're in now. And if I get the next week others, you're like, what do you even have numbered gates? Out and you walk walked to the to the aircraft. The also exactly they don't make sense. Also have a sequence number is on the burning passes. So on those for some reason in the way, they are at sequence number two and on the way back at sequence number seven only that when they actually do now say sequence one to ten please come now. What would you have sequenced number if everybody basically boards at the same time? It's just that doesn't make any Wilton to the system, and it will be more effort to undo it than to say. This is how we do it. So I was flying said go, which is an off shoot or a license. I'm not sure of Sibu Pacific eighty are seventy-two Pertile plane had from role. It's the same price just was looking at. It was I knew that these flights are very busy over the holidays them month month ago, and so really cool super noisy. A handful not are forever. I've you time I flew one was maybe five years ago from crackle. Maybe. Oh, yeah. I remember. Yeah. These you have some lose your right, actually. So I'm too as is great it's endearing because the so I didn't realize by the way when I bought the ticket about a ticket that included some foods the sandwich. I was the only person with a frigging sandwich indirect crop. I mean, it was okay. I mean, I tried it. It was pretty good as chicken sandwich and the crew is super young and they have to bit like probably Ryanair, but I can better way they have to run competitions the Scheldt into the said who can show us something yellow the color of the airline is yellow and the first person that actually shows something yellow by raising his or her hand gets a prize. And then who can show us. According pass the first person that shows a boarding pass surprise, and then who can show, and I can see she has dates cellphone charger and bags. I don't know what the prices were because they didn't really participate in the game. It's super endearing right and stuff like that. It's an hour flight, and it's fun and it's super noisy. I realized by the way because I out of probably because I knew the brand Pacific. There's another L ankle sky jets, and that would have been for you because they have ever liners. They do have one of them actually used to belong to be because I went on air. Why fleet? And the thing is I had friends of mine Mark and Cecilia there were two same shed t four waiting for their flight. Their flight was leaving twenty minutes after mine, but because they had a jet engines in an AT are which is propeller the arrived, ten minutes before me. So they were like they were waiting the little boats that took us to the island..

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