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Get a top of the line bullpen arm and get, something in. Return, before, he just leave. 'cause. He's valuable, for this World Series yeah. He's valuable for the World Series. On but also who are you. Giving him too because a contender. Would, want him right out, of? The National League I guess yeah I it's a bowl As a former? Cy, Young winner and a and a staple, in the rotation then you don't you don't trade him I understand the baseball logic behind it like hey get, something he. He's, he's, a Boris guy Yes That necessarily. Matters but, yeah I, mean he if we're not gonna pony, up he's going to demand that he was gonna wanna giant. Contract so there's a good. Chance he isn't here next. Year another shot up to the text line here for an angel that went to, die which by the? Way Another. Text Jared and Fred's would. Mentions pool pools is still. A great future hall of Famer no doubt of course but grace career isn't what, it used to be Zolder yester-, Gary Matthews junior he spent three years in Anaheim in, the final he played one more year at the. Mets like not. Even like, thirty six games with the Mets but he that was where he played his final, three three, seasons probably, got paid a little bit shot Gary Matthews Jones Junior. While they sold Like the river Styx where the hell dog service is is managing the angels come on in thing to to really place over the, heads of angels fans, things, in angels fan Mighty Ducks fans and, and you come on There's nobody doesn't really fans. Of angels that are actual fans of them so for like, the fourth or fifth time back to Dallas kaikal I just have one more number that I wanted to get through. To outline his July? Angels in the outfield can we. Get it we get, to a Pat, McCann let's get to it He's given up in. Twenty seven and a? Third innings in July he's giving. Up just nineteen hits Efficient he's been so sharp and he's a contact, guy yeah. Now, the DWI attorney dot com TEK. Sign is just showing just sending us random actors venom actors yeah. Like Matthew mcconaughey is on there Joseph Gordon Levitt I'd I don't know why I. Love. It gives the good work I. Like it stay weird text line stay weird he was, in he. Was, the kid and angels now field Gordon. Levitt was yes why is. Matthew mcconaughey, on this. List then because. He rules obviously he's always on every list Rat is talking to angels in the. Yeah, now here we're talking. We're all angels in the outfield all the? Time Christopher Lloyd, where, we where we at okay Well I didn't know. That does. The, angel thing he just yeah he was like doing. His. Angel thing and was. McConnell hey yeah here's the outfield yeah he was on the team he was yeah he. Plays That either On. The team, he was how do we not know baseball? Movie actors I feel like we need to be more qualified all. Of them I thought at one point we were supposed to do something like the best baseball movies. We can. We can we. Never did I think we have. Show meeting we have real baseball to talk. About guys this is I can't stress enough how serious of a show this. Is stop. Monkeying around let's talk. Some baseball. Let's talk. Some sticks is that is that a thing that people? Call. It no. Fair enough, all right No idea. That was Joseph Gordon Levitt until now wow yeah just, picture I'm doing this little bozo wing hang and Christopher Lloyd's like I'll help you, let's go to the future and, then, okay well let's get? Real serious, I'm gonna tell you about fun a player? To hit the trademark it again we're going to get the full. Rumor mill coming up at eight twenty we're gonna sprinkle one in just because it's another interesting name. And it's. Happened before and. I wanna talk about it and. Then of course stats with owed Wilson Wham. It's the shift he's Pat McLaughlin I'm Derek Fogel looking for us on Twitter. Fogel said. What McCulloch and Georgia. On the. Other side. Of the glass at Joe George radio this is the? Shift. Sports radio. Six ten Radio mornings with, Mike seven Paul on demand. Radio podcast today. What are your..

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