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A diverse population for sure the part that i remember talking about that i liked about the movie is how they all everyone was really accepting of it that was like me thinking this was a good movie that was the thing that i use to sound smart about how it was a good like chris pratt's character which is so funny that chris pratt this is his career was that is like she's an and literally nothing and they go on a date yeah he's just like cool do you wanna use something fun and they talk about his girlfriend this is this is chris pratt kill you were saying this really this is chris pratt as he is in the middle of becoming hot he's like not quite there but it's like this is his right she stayed betting the final pharma's not been reached but he's egan see you can see something's at work anyways so i think this movie does have some things going for it in the sense that it's a movie about a guy for the most part even though he is not fully emotionally developed but then again who out there is it's a movie about a guy who is like sensitive fairly emotionally intelligent he's not some like agro dude who's out there to try to prove his masculinity the whole time seemed right which is cool because that is what a lot of movies are about knitting necessarily in this genre but if it's a movie starring a man he's usually like i would never cry man right his wife so and i think jamie as you said that's maybe one of the reasons that like your brother may be connected to it and is was fond of it and stuff like that so i think is great that there's characters that sensitive men can connect with for sure it might it might have been this window where that was revolutionary nuff that felt really good for set it on screen and then now five years later that is also tiresome and not enough but it's like once you have three sensitive minutes all right cool we can move on to right and then it's like the i think that that the implication of the script taking such great lengths to be like sensitive excuses a lot of toxic behaviors that go largely unexamined by the movie itself anyways i'm perfect yes we are all beacons of emotional intelligence here and we have there's no more work to be done so some of the things the movie i think doesn't handle as well is that this is among several like whole subgenre of movies and stories where a man either creates and or falls in love with or has some sort of relationship with a female presenting robot android a i being other examples are like x mocking bladerunner blade runner in twenty forty nine weird science the stepford wives there's a vague reference to a human man in female droid relationship in solo star wars story there's like fem bots and austin powers there's an alpa chino movie that i wasn't totally familiar with called simone that i watched a trailer for what trail she eller members he created this woman that became famous she's an actress in a bunch of movies i wanna see that this does not look very good and then there's things like you know by on a woman westworld there's an episode of rick and morty where this happens there's some episodes of futurama where this happened so there's like this whole sort of subgenre of like men being involved with or interacting with in some way female presenting non human thing also like lars and the real girl is like sort of a like an example of that too and and these female presenting technologies are i think in every single one of those examples programmed by men or mostly men right and often to serve them in some way either often sexually i mean i haven't necessarily watched every single one of these that i listed but it's my understanding they are yeah i feel like also like did their homework or whatever but then with a smart house guys oh well that is the part that is weird that i don't think i realized that.

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