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That for this event. Give me speed and read in the same in the same group. Like, give me a little bit of storyline to follow early on in the week. We don't need to protect the integrity of the draw. And the fact that they don't recede after like, I think the fact that DJ and scheffler had to play today. I think that's bullshit. I think that I think they should play the lowest CD gash play the highest CD guy. That one I'm okay with because at least we got to see that match instead of one of them losing along the way, but I don't know. It's hard, you can see pretty easily why a lot of people don't have a lot of companies don't want to do match play events because it just doesn't translate that well to TV. At times, it's the best, but for the most part, man, it's pretty tough too. Which is really interesting. When you compare this to NCAA tournament going on right now and how hyped people get for the underdogs and the Cinderella stories in college basketball and it's like, oh God, you know, that's once a year. This is every week now. I know, but in golf, no one's happy when no offense to our guy, our guy bland, blandy, but no one's like, oh man, can you believe the run this guy's making? The answer was like, yo, we can't have these guys. We can't have these guys making a Cinderella run. It's bad for business. We need to fix this. Instead, whereas that's the business model on March on NCAA basketball, it's like, yo, the Cinderella story. That's what it's all about, you know? Funny thing, the probably the ratings are way better when it's duke UNC than the Cinderella model too. So Volvo match play ended in 2014. Did you miss Christmas? I think I enjoy watching it, 'cause it's true, like you have all the context you need for each match. It's two guys playing one another and it's super digestible and super fun for me. Whereas I feel like otherwise it's, oh, well this guy's T 17 right now and he's probably not going to win, but he needs these points to move on whereas I feel like this is actually a good way to introduce people into watching golf for the first time. Yeah. I do not disagree. It's still a weird spot in the calendar two weeks before the masters with, you know, you get guys like Rory skipping. It feels like a weird fit for maybe some guys last start before the master's playing. I think Rory's skipping too just because this isn't his kind of golf course, right? Like he can't hit those half wedge shots. He's a thrower. Also, I feel like you could do the Monday finish thing, too, because the San Antonio event is 90 minutes away. What are the chances even that your guy shuffler just withdrew from this week anyway? Yeah. Did he just withdraw from blood? Okay. A couple other things. Paul Casey, early in the week, you have any issues with how that might tell you the beluga had some issues with it. As somebody who bet on them or put some nuggies on them this week, it's just like, yeah, I don't know. We've always had with the WGC. For the listeners that don't know what happened, two holes into his first match. He withdrew against Corey Connors with back spasms. And did not play. He warmed up and didn't tell Alex noren that he wasn't going to play Alex and word and made it to the T and teed off and Casey was not there yet and so that concedes that match and then he also conceded his Friday match. We played two holes collected $40,000 when zero three. Who was next guy in? Ryan Palmer, I believe. Mister. Mister Palmer. Arnie. Mister Palmer. Come on. I guess, and did Casey pull out a week before? He did not play before, correct. He was supposed to, wasn't he? But they said it wasn't. He pulled out a valspar. It wasn't an injury though. It was not that information. It wasn't said that it wasn't injury. I don't think it was not specifically said that it was injury, which is part of the conversation. I tried to start the conversation on Twitter. It turns out the Brits are not down with the fact that we would even remotely suggest that players should share information with a potential betting public because apparently betting has been going on over here for years and we don't have to do any, they don't do any injury reporting here. It's like, well, due to the NFL. Guess what happens over here, guys? That's mostly who we're talking to and yeah, NFL has injury reports, disclosure. They have had a betting enormous, mostly illegal betting market for many, many, many, many years, that the lines move greatly due to information shared by those teams on who is doubtful who is questionable all these things. Some lines are held and not even posted until injury reports are posted in the league. It is part of the it is part of past, I guess, trying to get this information there, trying to paint this clearly of like, I have no nothing riding on this. But if the tour is gonna take money from gambling places and funnel that money to the players, that's what's happening here. The players should owe that betting public a lot more information about what's going on with suspensions, injuries, short term long-term injuries that should Rory was saying this during his players. More transparency out there. Now, this is not about taking a bad beat. This is like about encouraging people to want to engage in this sport in this way. It is part of the revenue that is going to come into professional golf is going to depend on the activity, the activeness of this market. And if you are shutting that market out, they're going to find other places to gain and put their money and follow and be entertained by. And it might be a minor thing to a lot of people, but it's just not and it's just shitty like to have something like this happen. Because this is where it can get really messy if people kind of are at the tournament and see Paul Casey spasming on the range and then you can put in a play and against him immediately. You have access to information that nobody else has. Now it's like, well shit, can somebody be on site sending that information out to people and things like that? That's where it gets weird. That's why you got to disclose this stuff. I think the Brits, I think the red coats are still upset about us shitting on Paul Casey a couple weeks ago. And the players. You know, you guys are trafficking innuendo and hearsay and all this shit. Yeah, we are. And you know what? There's a lot of it out there and most of it is. This had nothing to do with Casey though. This was just about shitty from Casey though too, right? I tend to give him the benefit of the doubt. I have woken up the day of playing a round of golf and had a back injury that I didn't have the day before and it keep me from being able to play. I've had that happen. I imagine it happens for as much as these guys are competing. That's not outrageous for that to happen. So I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt that it happened that day. What I'm blaming is the system for not tipping us off on that. If there was no information in the system and he withdraws that day and he can confidently say like, yep, you know what? It spun up this morning and I'm sorry to do this, but I have to withdraw. That's different than like, hey, he knew about this all week. That's what we don't know. Did he know about this all week? And then just pulled out and if there's a better information sharing system, then we have and players are held more accountable so one they don't do this to the first alternate. Two, they don't do this to the whole. Anyone that is, well, here's the following. I mean, there's an incentive to withhold it for him because he makes 40 grand. Exactly. So that might be like the answer to the question of like, how do you prevent that from happening? Well, figure out a way for, you know, you don't just get a check for 40 grand for showing up, you know, if you're hurt, like it's bad for the competition. If guys are showing up hurt and just not playing, right? We want the most competitive tournament we can get. And if you're not a 100% or you can't play, then you somebody else should play in your place. Sorry, like you're not going to make the money. And that's not an issue week to week because there's a cut. But these WGC is like, you know, it happens. And it's like a competitive balance thing too between these pools where if so, he played what he played one of the matches a little bit or just two holes the first question. So yeah, so we did that and then which two holes is super suspicious. It's not one hole. It's like, all right, well, it's going to look suspicious if I play one ball, play two holes. And then Corey Connors comes out of that group ten and makes it to the final four, which it's a grind, right?.

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