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This is where you make your money. This is where you're gonna finish understandings in lasts. You wanna these injuries nagging injuries. Sure i let's get a couple of calls in here. Thomason has lit. What's up tom. Hi guys louise. Ross is so bad. I mean let's say for argument's sake has didn't have a stiff back. And he was lights out last night. He's pushed the night. You got book an inst- coming up tonight. What is he doing putting them in the lead. You could've just went to familiar with somebody else. Got through it now. You probably don't ask for a few days. I mean this is a visible. Yeah i don't understand at all. It was a curious decision when he came in before i knew about the stiff back then after the stiff back. What type of sense does that make when you knew that was the case before you bought them. In last night he threw twenty eight pitches and that was not easy. I mean you did not have an easy topic. He's been good. Let's let's give you know. He's he said what this is second kind of questionable outing. We're talking about one month baseball. You don't look at it. Compare him to our oldest chapman on one of the great runs of his career right. So i don't know. I mean he's he's ed is going to do a hell of a lot more than he's done to wash away. The thought that he's going to blow the game in my mind. Every time i see him. I still feel that way. I don't know if i ever not feel that way. He's been in eleven games. So i you know there's been a lot more good than there has been bad and i know that we're all stuck in like two years ago. We're all stuck into two thousand. Nineteen that may have been more the worst closing performances in the history of the league. And we say in the history of the mets to another level in history of the league..

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