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You guys think we can be starting wars all over the world bombing people all over the world paying Boeing, but the one thing you can't do actually protect American citizens. That's his job that is his number one job. And I mean, should he be building walls like in American cities between neighborhoods where there's more crime than I don't understand the logic. There. There's chief's job is not to protect the citizens of Indiana. From the citizens of Illinois is to protect this United States citizens from foreigners from foreigners. Who would do us harm like killing seventy thousand feet forget congress. He doesn't need to deal. He never did. He could just do it himself. I do think you should have asked congress for the money. Why? And it shows that I was wrong about. Mitch McConnell having three brain cells. He could rub together. He should have gotten the Democrats vote over and over and over again against e-verify against taxing remittances against a wall. Because I know, and you know, I know you think those polls are so much on your side say let's have a big argument about whether an illegal alien who runs across the border at eight months pregnant drops a baby must be in the constitution. Does anyone? Stop and ask. That's weird. Why would somebody put that in the constitution? Well, they didn't. It was invented by Justice Brennan in nineteen eighty two and slipped into a footnote, it is dicta in a supreme court opinion, congress Emmer said. Illegally. Scholar who endorses your idea that the president can just unilaterally order the wall being built without approval from congress or funding by congress. I mean, please let me know when you find a constitutional scholar who endorses that you find someone who can read and for the anchor babies, you can check with Richard poser. You can check with anyone on. We're talking about the anchor babies. It's all we talked about. Let's talk about your relationship with the president. Now, I'm hot because he's not very happy with you. In fact, he just said in a daily Wall Street Journal interview, I hear she that's Coulter becoming very hostile. Maybe I didn't return our phone call or something where you calling them. That's the most gentle alleged rebuke. I love these headlines Trump blast Coulter. He just called his own intelligence officials morons perhaps they're lacking into Ali says about me is I hear she's hostile. No, that's that's sending me a love poem. Okay. Well, so he did return your phone call. None of your beeswax. My. Whoa. Why not shouldn't? We know who the president is getting advice from now. Yeah. Well, I mean some. Transparent. Unfolded Diddy un-filed, you're blocked you on Twitter, not blocked me. And then he followed you back, but he's reading. I can tell. Yeah. Well, somebody's reading they're all reading me over there. All right. Does it matter to you? Whether it's called a wall or offense or some just fancies the'll slice and can be called the president Donald J Trump impermeable border wall. In gold, bright. Yeah. And golf course. I think that's how we can get them to do it. Do you think that like two years from now there's gonna be a wall? I mean, do you really believe that this is even die right now? Is it possible to build the wall? Again, have you? I'm just saying is. Is it can you? American people have been every time they are allowed to vote. I'm sorry. It's not one of your your Gallup polls. But gosh when they go aims. They can vote every time they get a chance to vote they vote for less immigration. They vote for no welfare for immigrants legal or illegal. They vote for English language requirements. They have okay. Grind ernest. Congress Republicans my jackass party that is only doing the bidding of the plutocrats, which is why Trump was so appealing finally someone who isn't jumping to the tune of the coke brothers. But then he got into office and hired Jared Kushner, Jared Kushner, said do everything the coke brothers say three times Republicans have tried to push through an amnesty in the last decade. I I think it was McCain than Bush than of course, Rubio the only way when Rubio pushed it Rupert Murdoch, Hannity rush. They were right with them. They were protecting him. Fox news. I read it in the New York Times was ordered to not use the word amnesty. Somehow it slips out to the American people. They find out an amnesty is going through..

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