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They're contenders there to defending champions is simple all righty. So let's talk about one more subject before we end the show. Lamar jackson and the baltimore. Ravens were able to beat the kansas city chiefs the other day week. Two of the nfl a team. That lamar jackson has had a lot of problems against during that game. You start a stat. That was pretty shocking. Him versus the field held. Besides the can't say cheese. He had a winning record. It was a pretty good winning record and then you saw what he was able to do against kansas city chiefs. Not very good. His passer rating was terrible. So this is definitely been his kryptonite less far as trying to beat the cassidy chiefs. Is this win. For lamar jackson the baltimore ravens over to kansas city chiefs. This is really a big deal. She would really put a lot of stock into this. It's not a big deal for the ravens per se right the actual team but for lamar jackson. It is a big deal. I'll be very honest with you. So it isn't lamar jackson team. Though i mean no. And that's why i wanna make that. I wanna make the difference. This team over they were lying. Lamar jackson little too much. That's beyond obvious. But the the bigger issue. That i've seen so far this season and so i wanna i wiped out the issue. I wanna give lamar jackson his kudos for getting what he calls that monkey off of this back because he got it done but i will say this though too many throws where he's just doesn't look settled in the pocket and i gotta be with you. Sometimes i've watched him. The season. thought to myself bro. Woah we doing during the off season. Because he's throwing his still at times. Inaccurate he still missing open receivers and he's still making the wrong reads but at the same time that team was still able to the chiefs and for me. That was what was so impressive in team. The defense made enough. Stops john hall. Put his guys in a position to be successful and the thing i liked about it. Most is the chiesa driving. Had the game in hand and it was a defensive player. Not just any defensive player. A rookie makes the play strips. Quite at were to layer and gets his team that victory and what. I love even more about that. After the fourth down were john. Harbaugh looks lamar jackson. No lamar jackson was going to say. Yes and says you wanna go for it. And it's just the i love. John harbor was like dead dude. Percents football that just galvanizes your team for the next time you play them. It's like i'm gonna go for. Y'all wanna beat this team and i love that and that's why i said there's i separate to. It doesn't mean much for the ravens john harbaugh. He's already got it done before. And i know he can get it done. But it means mortar. Lamar jackson knowing if i go against mahomes in the playoffs i could beat hip. I just picture. Aaron rodgers watching that game and then he sees john harbaugh axiom. Do you wanna go for. He raises happier like it was for me. Nc championship game. Like wow. that's what i'm talking about right there. I mean that is wonderful to see when you talk about coach and quarterback relationships. That's kind of relationship. That passionate with homes has andy reid. That's the relationship. Lamar jackson has his coach. That's kinda relationship that drew brees had with shot. That's what tom brady had when he was with bill. Belichick i mean. They trusted indoor. Quebec's bill belichick win fourth-down many times with tom because he trusted that his quarterback was. We'll get it done but it's not just that it's not just the trust to get it done. It's more that the coach understood the situation. Exactly a bit nation aaron rodgers. He may not even been watching anything. You don't trust me. It's like you don't understand the situation so you can't even get to the level of whether or not you trust me as you don't understand the situation ain't no that makes me think of a little upset and i gotta do it. Because he was with the ravens david kelly. So did you remember what he did this past weekend where. The referee said So david you just pick up thirteen yards and third down but they were offsides. So do you want fourth into third and seven day to say you know what because it limited to and then planet. That was just me. If i'm a quarterback situation and the games on the lines like do i trusted do like do i trust george. It in color with their in. John harbour there and he did that i think john harwood slap them like what did he do. What are you doing what are you doing. No one is really upset about it. Because look mad david koita right. Now is a transitional coach. I mean everybody sees it. He's just there to fill in a space if he is able to perform and at a high level. And maybe take about maybe we can keep for a little bit longer but every time he does something like that and you might even making fun of him for that is just certain cultures in the nfl. Who don't understand situation of football. And john harbaugh gets it bill bennett. Check gets it. And when you have costa understands situation of football with a generational quarterback that's when you get extreme success. That's all i'm saying. No i agree with you. A hundred and ten percent. I still think. Aaron rodgers raise his hands up in the air what he saw if you saw that on. Tv is like where. where was that for b. I wish i would've got yet. But going back to lamar jackson and the baltimore ravens beating cancelled cheese. A lot of things that happened fumble like you mentioned that was big time because cheese were driving and it looked the game might be enhanced for them and then after that fumble that was it Baltimore take control and win that game. And i saw things that you saw. I still saw some in accuracy from lamar jackson. I still saw him kind of hesitate in the pocket a little bit. He still are dynamic dynamic quarterback but there's a lot of things i still see out of him that make me believe if they get to the play offs where the stakes are going to be a little bit higher. Can he do it without using his legs as much and i. I still don't know if he can do that. 'cause padua home showed us. He's still patchy with homes in that game in the last two games. So we'll see what happens from here on out but I think it was a big deal for lamar jackson and to beat them. They had to beat them to prove him so that they can beat that team and they did it. The monkey's off lamar jackson's back. All right good show good. Show this stuff. You brought the energy today. I don't know where that matthew stafford stuff came from. I think that's you got we. We gotta go back and tapes on your side. We see we had the receipts bro. More about it there was there and you're can a virtual receipts in your head. I don't know where that came from. 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