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Think wireless financial let's let's do it right now one of the discussion of the discussion you called me up you told me our list Sanders and Warren are among the four leading candidates in a tight race in Iowa Daniel Kurtz Levon NPR news des Moines Iran's president says his country is now in reaching more nuclear fuel than before the twenty fifteen nuclear agreement was signed despite pressure from the U. S. and peers Peter Kenyon reports president Hassan Rouhani spoke in a broadcast address for months around has been reducing its commitments under the nuclear deal including increasing its stockpile of low enriched uranium in remarks that could be interpreted as a top to the trump administration which pulled out of the agreement and resume levying sanctions on Tehran for honey said quote pressure has increased on Iran but we continue to progress separately Iran's foreign minister chastised three European states known as the E. three who triggered the deals dispute resolution mechanism over runs violations Mohammed Javad Zarif wrote on Twitter appeasement affirmed he three sold out to avoid new trump tariffs compared trump to a high school bully Peter Kenyon reporting this is NPR the government of the Virgin Islands is suing the estate a financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey up sting he took his life in jail last year as he faced charges of sex trafficking virgin island officials allege he committed sex offenses onto private islands in the US territories jurisdiction some of the alleged victims are minor girls Virginia could become the thirty eight states to ratify the equal rights amendment to the US constitution as soon as today but the amendments future is still uncertain from member station VPM in Richmond Megan Pauley has more.

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