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Long Beach each on the way four or five northbound for cherry to. Check on that crash looks like. It's over to the shoulder to wait for, the highway patrol you've got some problems right. Now if you're taking the Ninety-one through Long Beach there's work going on on the. Westbound side you're gonna find. Cones from the seventeen to, Alameda taking up the four right lanes eastbound ninety one so far the connector to the seven ten southbound is shutdown and the cruiser working in south. LA one ten southbound Martin Luther King. Junior boulevard to. Fifty first street in the right lane and you got those workers in downtown Town on the. One on one southbound lanes closed at the. Town with the Detroit they're on the ten eastbound, that's, enough to. Jam things from Alameda taking the one on. One northbound into Hollywood Santa, Monica. Boulevard sunset two right lanes are taken away and there's work, going on in Glendale one thirty four westbound the connectors to the five north and southbound shutdown Anaheim hills. Crews out on, the ninety one eastbound between imperial highway and wear canyons. Counts take up the three right lanes and that's slowing. You down up ahead ninety one eastbound past gypsum canyon looks. Like a car ran out of gas at sitting in the right lane traffic so you may come up on that pretty. Suddenly after getting through the construction and Sigler in San Bernardino really jamming. Things on the to fifteen southbound. At university Parkway all lanes are closed crash, there with a big rig that was loaded. With fruit that con- fire it was engulfed in flames are making you exit the. Freeway it's jammed before palm. KENDALL so stick with the, fifteen out Oklahoma's instead and to stay away from the two fifteen your next report at eleven fifty five I'm Barbara Brooks and more traffic reports more. Often Canucks ten seventy NewsRadio all right Hope you had a great week Friday finally upon. Us and the weekend it looks like afternoon highs cooling a little bit more more so next week you can, plan on that, marine layer making it all the way to the foothills each night and into. The morning, hours seventy seven for high along the coast through Sunday afternoon l. a. o. c. metro areas hovering. In the low to mid eighties right. About eighty to eighty three degrees about ninety, two for the Bally's I e in. High desert and eighty four the. Mountains sea breeze picks up next week as assistant parks to the north right over. The bay area and we're going to drop a little bit more so we'll continue with seventies mid-seventies along. The coast next week low eighties for the basin and probably. The valleys and e. Mid eighties will only see some low nineties across the high desert with southern California's most accurate and dependable forecast I'm CBS to meteorologist Craig. Harare KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. You got seventy two in Culver city Rita has seventy seven at eleven forty seven lot. Of reaction today pro and con do. The three three-game suspension of one of America's best college football coaches at. Exhaustive report Detailed behavior by urban Meyer, that could easily have taken down a coach of. Lesser stature that I'm deeply sorry Ohio State football coach urban. Meyer tried to move past the controversy enveloping his program a followed my heart not my head but it seemed only to reignited after his. Suspension was announced and he was. Asked about the woman who accused her husband the former. Assistant coach for Meyer name Zach Smith. Of domestic violence in two thousand fifteen, Meyer claimed he hadn't known about the accusations until it was revealed last month he had what message do you have for Courtney Smith Well I have, a message for everyone involved in this I'm sorry that we're in the. Situation on Ohio state's football crates, campus Myers support. Goes beyond strong the national, championship he led the. Buckeyes to two thousand fourteen wraps him in something,.

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