The Daily 202: MLK’s final speech — delivered 50 years ago today — was full of timely and timeless teachings


By the ad council some surprising remarks from the new leader of saudi arabia crown prince mohammad bin salman affirming israel's right to exist and bucking other leaders in the arab world by signaling support for president trump's middle east agenda in an interview in the atlantic bin salman also taking aim at iran's supreme leader comparing the ali khamenei he to adolf hitler saying he wants to rule the world connecticut democratic congressman elizabeth sd says she will not resign for failing to protect our staff from harassment by her former chief of staff but congresswoman sti has decided she will not run for reelection this november texas senator ted cruz says he is running to keep his job freedom to repeal obamacare senator making his announcement in stafford texas last night former deputy director fbi a deputy director andrew mccabe shutting down his online fundraising for his legal defense fund days after launching blowing past several fund goals in raising over five hundred and fifty thousand dollars a gofundme page set up for alstead fbi deputy director andrew mccabe legal defense fund will no longer accept donations mccabe calling it simply overwhelming saying in a statement each contribution reflects not just someone's well wishes but they're acknowledgement that something in this situation is not fair or just attorney general jeff sessions fired mccabe days before his retirement after the justice department determined mccabe was not truthful in his review of the clinton email probe mccabe claims he was axed in an attempt to discredit him as a witness in these special counsels russia investigation funds will go toward any potential lawsuits he might consider i'm kristin goodwin fox news hamburglar is going to jail jessica marie cross she squeeze used the through the window of a mcdonald's drivethru in columbia maryland outside.

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