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By mr bohannon show as there are a number of ways you could say that the president trump has received day a raw deal and some of it in the opinion of our guest would be in his treatment of veterans he's not gun credit for doing good things of the suburban accused of of doing things he didn't actually do like gift failing to raise money for the thomas lipscomb is the former chairman of the new york brit vietnam veterans leadership program and we take a call from david a marathon florida hello david yeah good evening guys we're well thank you um i've got it comment i'm a bit have see an uh usually uh miami uh veteran's hospital for my primary healthcare mitch some interactions let him um i find a huge difference of a a major line in between the administrative side of the facility and the medical cited at the facility um once you get through the administrators uh the appointment shakers the uh general ramps at the end of the people who are actually doing better than they are wonderful um it's pitch getting through that getting through days union unions scale is a home oh you what what and i it can really be a problem and it is very i think a great deal from place to place allegra guest to respond to the the term revved by the way is best thoughtfully ladies as a he's referred to do people dot on the front lines okay mr lives give by isn't this a to a grady said a localised problem here it can be some areas the bay of in the rural south you actually a pretty darn good civil servants in there but i'm sure our our our bear speaker here remember the all looked fresher up at rocket there were set up at cape canaveral called civil service crowly wouldn't work and you couldn't fire this that with the we where's the river shot will you need it all right a as president trump's latest.

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