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Great subscribe. Now, wherever you find your favorite podcasts. He was known as the Michelangelo of maquis as a real visionary in his field. And I'm talking about Kevin Aucoin who is the most influential makeup artist, maybe ever at the height of his career. Kevin was the artist of choice for supermodels at Christy Turlington and Nomi Campbell and superstars like share Madonna, Janet, Jackson Kevin acquaint was an innovator and a rule breaker, and he did something incredibly rare for a makeup artist. He became a celebrity in his own right, but behind all that glamour, there was a lot of darkness. Kevin was bullied and abused at his Louis, Louisiana, high school for being gay and out. And later he struggled with illness and addiction. Kevin Aucoin died in two thousand and two at the age of forty from complications related to those struggles. And now there is a new documentary about Kevin and his life, and it doesn't hold anything back. Tiffany Bartok is the director of larger than life that Kevin. Okay. Join story, and she's on a mission to tell Kevin's life story, and she's here to tell you I. Hi, Tiffany. Hi, very good thing. I'm happy to have you here. I wanted to ask you when you first became aware of Kevin Aucoin. Oh, just I, my background is in makeup, and so we always knew that Kevin was sort of the only one that you aspired to be end. He had books that were passed around between all of us in the nineties, that sort of were how to books that were much of much better than your average. You know how to book and they're really the first ones that could be coffee table books as well, super glamorous and beautiful. So we always knew about him in the industry for sure. And in fact, he so influential to that this documentary came from a conversation you had where you realize not everybody knows him. Can you tell me that story? Sure, sure. The girl Kelly who was an intern at the time we were deciding what project we should be working on next, my husband and I as a production company, and you know, I sort of I rolled about some thing influencers than something, and I said, this person thinks that the next cabinet Quan, she didn't know the ref. Ference and I freaked out and I was like, Yuma, lineal zone. Pulled down all his books and that was that she was hooked for sure invested. So many people can relate to that. You meet somebody and what's who's George, Michael, you know, having done on my watch. I know. A documentary with that? Yes..

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