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Two years in this jubilee year of mercy, why not make this your act of mercy in Jesus. Name Goto wells, all the life dot net and make a personal donation was of life dot net. Sixty the answer. San Francisco radio home of the Oakland Athletics. News this hour from townhall dot com. I'm John Scott judiciary chairman Gerald Adler says he'll issue a subpoena for the full unredacted. Robert Muller report that was issued earlier today the committee voted along party lines earlier this month to authorize the subpoena. And now, the New York Democrat is ready to push the send button Nadler says congress needs the full report as well as all underlying materials in order to perform its constitutionally mandated responsibilities. The Justice department is expected to reject the subpoena, which will likely trigger a long legal fight Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally Hindes reporting. Nadler is holding a news conference this hour. Meanwhile, Legal Affairs analyst Matt Stabers says the redacted Muller report clearly exonerates, President Trump. The core issue for the special counsel was whether there was so called collusion and the special counsel, and sir. Certainly the attorney general and the deputy attorney general found that there was no collusion. Slavers says the report also shows the president overwhelmingly cooperated with the special counsel also at townhall dot com. Correspondent Ben Thomas reports retail sales rose one point six percent during the month of March. The biggest sales increases came at gas stations up three point five percent as pump prices climbed steadily last month. But people were also spending more on cars furniture and clothing auto dealers. Saw three point one percent jump in sales excluding autos and gas retail sales increased by still solid nine tenths of a percent..

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