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No you can't and uh we had a few times where we almost capsized we took on water from a downstream d almost getting washed out and very thankful that uh that the lord was with us and nothing bad happens so well you know an unthinking to we didn't mention that you are andrew light son of former democratic texas governor mark white who you dan just past uh august the he had to be propelling you too sza and my mom's hold me that too uh you know my dad public service something that he brought into my life and i got to watch him serve the public his whole life and even after he was you know no longer governor never stopped being a public servant may never and so it's just something that you know he's always told me that god comes first then country then family and so this week it's been about the country in july one of the texas needy citizens out misleading people doing harvey andrew thank you and please stay safe appreciate thank you and and i want to encourage everybody out there stay safe be strong we're going to get through this thank you enter all right thanks president trump plans to return to texas tomorrow this time to visit flood victims he'd been criticized for not doing that but he tweeted about his trip this morning he also notably singled out and praised his chief of staff john kelly there have been rumors of discord and he wrote there were many big decisions as congress return next week might the president have a decision of his own on daca the deportation deferment for the socalled dreamers sounds like it's time for our friday politics roundtable and joining us today recline political director at abc news hi rick gratuity gus at a recast evader news anchor at univision just back from houston high and recotor hi thanks and let's start enrica with the potential decision on daca this is president obama's deferred action for childhood arrivals which granted temporary legal status to young people known as dreamers what do you think the president's going to do.

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