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Robin banks at stater brothers famous meat counter you always get the cut you want the way you want it and they'll season it for free steaks chicken devoting intriguing and beef chicken or pork grow fresh daily stater brothers where you always get more for less hey everyone it's dean sharp the house whisper you've heard me talk about security screens for your home from winston u._s._a. i know it's hard to believe there's such a thing as a window screen that can keep your home safe from intruders i didn't believe it either until i went down to the winston showroom and saw for myself and now you can see to go to winston u._s._a. dot com and watch me try to get through one of these things with a baseball bat a claw hammer or crowbar did i succeed of course not that's because winston's hurricane rated mesh looks like a screen but it's more secure than iron bars but you gotta see it for yourself so check out the video at winston u._s._a. dot com then set up a free home consultation or just dial pound two fifty on your cell say winston an iheart media will send you a one time text with a link to the video that's pound two fifty winston or check them out on the web at winston u._s._a. dot com you'll have the option of receiving an autodial text message from iheartmedia i'm attorney darren cavagnaud key from one eight hundred no cuffs you've heard me say the right to remain silent only helps you when you shut them up but some of you are still getting arrested so if you're ever asked had anything to drink tonight shut up or anything illegal in here shut up or did you fall face first into a box of powdered doughnuts.

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