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Know about the bridges and tunnels no problems George Lincoln and Holland moving along beautifully in both directions and the west on bell parkway before bay parkway looks like a crash causing a few delays there too I'm going to talk about our next report is at two fifty one on ten ten which will last report thirteen thousand eight hundred sixty nine deaths being reported here in New York state related to corona virus that's according to Johns Hopkins health officials New York City with one hundred thirty one two hundred sixty three with one hundred thirty one thousand that is two hundred sixty three confirmed cases more than eight thousand total lives lost according to governor NY dot gov queens reporting the most deaths Brooklyn not far behind this as social distancing and mask requirements are in place but is that enough for people getting the message mayor de Blasio telling you pull out your phone if you see people violating social distancing rules and send those pictures to the city the mayor says you can catch those pictures to three one one or simply call three one one to report public gatherings sometimes people may feel a little self conscious like there's something wrong with reporting well the people are doing I understand that in normal times maybe you could feel that in wartime in a time when people's lives are threatened in a time where we don't get it right this disease could come back and kill so many more I'm sorry this is not snitching this is saving lives you may also blasting president trump right now you are failing to protect the very people who you grew up around mayor de Blasio says the president should push Senate Republicans to provide money for states and cities that are way over budget because of cold at nineteen literally with the snap of his fingers Donald Trump could fix that do we just say the word the Senate would jump Roger stern ten ten wins news and earlier today governor Cuomo announced the status on the other side of a plateau the latest numbers of death toll he says down last week April thirteenth death toll was seven hundred seventy eight April eighteenth five hundred seven New York state death toll stands at thirteen thousand eight hundred sixty nine he says we are on the other side of the plateau governor Cuomo says with hospitalizations integrations and deaths down the state maybe on the other side of the curve all indications at this point are we that we are on the descent whether or not the descent continues depends on what we do and Cuomo says testing is a key part of keeping the trajectory so he's having the state health department ramp up antibody testing we're going to sample people in the state thousands of people in the state across the state to find out if they had the antibiotics that will tell us for the first time what percent of the population actually it's had the corona virus he says that will start this week some at the leap intend him wincing with news time to forty three and that that city corona virus update earlier today the mayor addressed the issue of public transport should the system shut down during the pandemic for a deep cleaning as some have called for the decision the state has to make the governor has to make they run the MTA but I would say so far the biggest challenge that would create would be for our front line health care workers first responders essential workers I don't know a truly effective way they can get around for city council members including councilmember Robert Holden have put in a request to close the system temporarily for at least a one week deep clean citing high rates of coronavirus deaths among the MTA employees keep it locked here on ten ten wins and ten ten wins dot com for the latest.

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