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Two months ago scott perry was an orlando he got let go why because they didn't get it done as a staff and everybody was out wasn't always just give a hannigan everyone else chill because you guys are fine no they all worked on this together they all fell together all gone together and so the knicks wanted to change culture and change things even though steve mills the great gun i work with emails in new york even though houston has a great guy allison was on the team when when i'm with you i love all of these guys you are the only do our response from what they got to go i cosigned on all of that steve mills allan houston they're all very really nice guys steam as is very intelligent scott perry has a great reputation around the league what is he going to be able to accomplish though when he doesn't have his own staff he's coming in he has to answer steve mills the listen the jury's out steve mills we've got to see what kind of decision makers again the tim hardaway contract you could probably save you a million other juergen back manatat five alltime worst moves of the next i mean there's not a lot of then he is it up there were wrong jiang's it could be i mean either joking those worse than that because at least tomorrow june can walk they are they made the pullups on on the shoulders shoulders rare but to your point of look steve mills hasn't done anything to show man i did really is hitting on some moves in there so there's nothing there for them to be life now scott perry you have to answer to your question they've this is what david griffin walked away from the reason why is because if you're trying to get a more key in the name for this someone asked me why did do detik that job.

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