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Well as highpriority upgrade dave are you doing better than i deserve where do you live sir we live i lived in finley ohio lipout 45minute south it's later no right where you are very nice coup waited all the way here after work on friday night move drove the night got here at like one or two in the morning ben in nashville for the whole week weekend we have we've experienced at all i love it vaughn very check it but maybe not enough there some odd chicken frazier oh very well done so you're here to do your debt free screen that's correct and how much of you paid off paid off hundred forty four thousand and fifty three months good for you and your range of income during that time who is fifty nine thousand up to one hundred into wild what are you do a physical best good you've been working i work in a latin lava and all have been doing so i'm guessing they won forty four if you're a pt was a bunch of student loan debt tons of it and what else that's it all student loan all student loans while and you said fifty three months correct four years or and a half antman you've been getting after it yes so what happened is that when you graduated that as when i graduated yet and so yudhijit pt school two thousand eleven and then moved to my parents house realized that i can't move out and i can't afford a house and it can't afford to rent i got about a two thousand dollar a month student loan bill and get nowhere to go so so you so four years we're gonna get after it and that's right cool so so you tore into it that's correct had a great friend us at mcdonald's kitchen table top matthew a budget through your name around had.

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