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All right. George. I just ate Cilicia. That's a meat pie. This'll be packed. Yeah. It's called up Stellato that got me moving. Moving straight for us. We were wondering what these things are croquettes ham, croquettes instead Coquito, no curl curl caked up. There you go said, he's our delicious to. And then these, these are, so the meat pies. And then there's some more stuff in here. That's more desert suffer. These are a little sweeter. So these are guava pastries on the left new. So they why Allah tell that quiet. Isla jaba. Jaba go guar ya. Qui- JABA back that you're going to play up side, you have a cream cheese and guava. So you nice. They why Hoon postal Cuiaba case close enough. So he goes, you guys can try this. This is great. Thank you. This is all you got on benthic stuff from Tropicana bakery, right here in Downey, which is the spot like if you want legit, not, I'm not trying to disrespect anyone else who does Cuban food in southern California places, but that is the most as someone who's Cuban and has had it all my life. That is the most authentic place in the south last close. Excellent so explain to me, what the hell is happening with Magic Johnson. Okay. So magic con. Saint. Okay. So here there's just a long series of tweets saw the Brad Turner, one initially that he was supposed to be at the coin meeting. Right..

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