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Business app and at Bloomberg quick take This is a Bloomberg business launch We had a sell off in U.S. equities in the last session and that sentiment is very much intact right now In Asian trading a lot of negativity first in Japan where the nikkei is down 2.6% right now leading the way lower for the nikkei information tech we're also seeing a slump in material shares and communication services stocks also showing weakness in Seoul that cost me down about 1.8% meantime in Sydney the ASX 200 is weaker by 2.6% again in this case information technology leading the way lower Certainly tech was very hard hit in the U.S. session with the NASDAQ composite tumbling 4% in the last session Now it's kind of curious because in New York trading yields across the US Treasury curve moved lower but we're seeing a reversal of that trend now in Tokyo trading with a ten year treasury up by more than 5 basis points to 3.25% a two year at 3.16% to gain there is about 7 basis points The end weakening one 32 95 we've got the bank of Japan decision later today The dollar picking up a little bit of ground as the yield situation changes the Bloomberg dollar spot index is up about three tenths of 1% but that's after sliding 8 tenths of 1% in New York trading Also a little bit of weakness now in the offshore Chinese currency here at 6 69 89 against the greenback We'll have another look at market action in 15 minutes Head Baxter next with a look at global headlines Eddie All right thank you Douglas said U.S. president Joe Biden has signed a shipping bill aimed at 9 companies out of Asia that he says have made over the top profits U.S..

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