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One 21 one 27 coming up today. The one other position I'd like to see them hit on, they took cold strange. They took care of the immediate need. It guard developmental stack. The long-term need to tackle Daniel fillet is still there. I know that's why tackle not left tackle. But he's a really interesting pick. And then, yeah, so if we're talking early early here because there's later picks, mark on McCall defensive tackle. Right. Excuse me. Let's get in the weeds, Evan. Let's do this. Okay. So I want to get, I'm going to continue to pound the table for Zion McCollum. Before we get okay, you do that. And then there's two more. Let me do this is my guy on day three. I gotta get my guy off, right? Okay. Zion McCollum on day three. I just love the idea of pairing this with the Marcus Jones draft pick because ziya McCollum is the opposite of Marcus Jones, right? He's 6 foot two, 200 pounds. Great length, great athletic tester outside pure outside corner. So with tremendous upside, they drafted taekwon Thornton at receiver. The taekwon Thornton of the cornerback group is Zion McCollum, or you know what I mean? So if I'm the Patriots I'm looking at it and I'm saying, we got a slot guy. Let's go out and let's get an outside guy now. I would love them to draft Zion McCollum here today. If we want to talk running back says, I do think that they're going to take a running back here today. Love Tyler Beatty. I think that that's right. I think he's the guy that stood out the most to me when I was watching tape on all these consensus running backs. He was really, really fun to watch. I would go with Tyler Beatty. I think that there's a little bit of Dion Lewis to his game. I think he's got that shiftiness. He's smaller, but he's bigger than JJ Taylor. He says a more in that Dion Lewis body type. And I think he's got great lateral quickness and just great contact balance and I think you'd be a really fun player in their offense. If you told me that ramonda Stevenson and Tyler Beatty were going to be their running backs for the foreseeable future once they probably don't pay Davy and Harris in the off season. I'm all for that. I think those guys are a perfect combination with one another.

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