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Basements in order to sell it for scrap? That's duxbury. Police Lieutenant Lewis spoke with WBZ TV they identified old Michael Davis as a suspect police got a warrant put a GPS tracking device on his car. Let them right to the next house. Once they found a a house that was for sale not occupied in that area. They they checked and sure enough they found him Davis faces a number of charges, including malicious destruction of property Carl Stevens WBZ Boston's NewsRadio not a glamorous. Way to go down in flames here and accused armed robbery suspect in Brockton released in January with a GPS bracelet is nabbed. Again, this time Venecia's tell us was arrested at a Wendy's in north Attleboro police say he was carrying drugs and a handgun this time. The judge is holding him on the no bail nine eighteen at Boston's NewsRadio sunshine and plenty of it today. But we're also gonna feel the effects of the winds to temperatures will make it to the mid to upper twenties, but it'll feel a whole lot colder. Lawmakers in Oregon reach a settlement with several women who say they were sexually harassed at the state capital investigation into sexual harassment at the Oregon state capital started. When state Senator Sarah gals for accused Senator Jeff crews have sexual misconduct. Crews resigned his seat the Oregon bureau of labor and industries launched an investigation and found several women had been harassed by a variety of people at the capital. It was determined to be a hostile work environment. Nine women are part of the one point one billion dollars settlement. The legislature is now. Considering bills to correct the problem. One Bill would create an equity office that would handle the complaints and sexual harassment training for everyone working at the capital. Bradford ABC news, Portland. Oregon one of the creators of the world's first smart devices has died. Jerry Merryman was one of three people credited with inventing the hand held electronic calculator for Texas Instruments. It was indeed one of the world's first smart devices device won the Nobel prize and pave the way for today's computers with the invention of the integrated circuit Jerry Merriman was eighty six years old a woman seriously hurt at a WalMart store during an apparent theft has been awarded millions jury in Parkersburg West Virginia has returned to seventeen million dollar verdict against WalMart after a woman was hurt. When workers tried to detain a shoplifter. Lawyer Jaime bodus represents Fifty-three-year-old Diane and Crump, unfortunately, WalMart didn't follow industry best practices or even its own written, Paul..

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