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And many parents are on board. Stay with us for more on these top stories coming up. It's 7 18. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s and here's Jack Taylor. Hey, we had a delay earlier riding into the district going into northeast inbound New York avenue before bladensburg wrote. There have been word of a crash. It's just unclear on apologize if it's along the left or right side. D.C. two 95 southbound, there was an earlier wreck as you approached east capital street, everything got moved over onto the shoulder right, slowdowns back near eastern avenue. Now we're heavier, got some slowing, I two 95 north, oxen cove up toward laboratory road then to get a slow exit as you approach the 11th street bridge. All right, in Virginia, we're a little bit delayed on the inner loop, headed around Braddock road toward two 36. The northbound George Washington Parkway slows toward the beltway in McLean, getting north of one 23 stay right through that work zone, long-term, 66 lanes are open, but slow eastbound in manassas, then again, as you approach 50 fairfax, there was a crash out toward Hamilton and percival on 7 east after Berlin turnpike that had been blocking along the left side. Look for delays on I 95 north were heavy, center port Parkway into a quiet, slow and woodbridge. Then again, lower it into newington. You'll find a little bit of a delay through the Springfield interchange to go north on three 95. There have been some activity up near edsel road on the southbound side, north bounders can't see it that southbound side. That's just a broken down bus over on the right shoulder. Top end three 95, your little crowded across the 14th street bridge, but should find your travel lanes open. All right, in Maryland two 70 south, expect delays out of Frederick headed into urbana. There was a wreck after 80 that was over on the right shoulder, slowing again in Germantown than just volume into Rockville, topside out on the brakes from 95 headed over toward Georgia avenue. Looking good between the beltways. Now on 95 and the bottom of Washington Parkway earlier, delay south on the BW Parkway headed down toward one 98 one 97, our easing. Jack Taylor TOP traffic. Let's get a look at our forecast now, Chad Merrill, it is going to be another nice day, especially at least for the month of February as far as that's concerned. Yeah, exactly

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