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Business job losses Grand Canyon university is a new incubator space for start up companies it's called canyon ventures it just opened in August and already houses about thirty start ups some run by students like Weston Smith he's the CEO and founder of locs longboards we work with manufacturers to get our parts cast and then we bring them here did you see you an employee students to build the boards from the ground up he and others get office space wrench free at canyon ventures as long as they hired you see you students greater media co founder Connor keen says his digital marketing company also has office space there to have a base where we can come we can invite clients to we can bring in more police more students to come and do contract work for us all this kind of stuff that's just been incredible result the city no K. T. A. on use the you obey is getting some financial help to fight skin cancer the skin cancer institute at the university's cancer center has been awarded a five year nearly seven million dollar grant from the national Cancer Institute you have a doctor Clara curial describes why they got the grant we have developed a very noble approach to identify new markers within the skin cells that can be modulated and prevent skin cancer now the money will be used to develop new topical creams for the skin president tribes impeachment ends an acquittal just as the country gears up for the twenty twenty a election a yes you history professor and presidential historian Brooke Simpson says some of those who voted for acquittal may have been thinking more about their reelection campaigns than about the articles of impeachment I think that right now it would be proper ministration probably has a list of people to reward and people that they'll target and you could certainly see that on Twitter Simpson says in nineteen ninety nine Bill Clinton got a post acquittal bump in the polls but he does not believe president trump well Deborah Dale K. T. A. R. news Arizona folks after days of delays due to technical glitches it looks like people to judge a Bernie Sanders are tied for the lead in the Iowa caucuses but he just has a slight lead of trying to avoid similar election problems in our state governor Doug Ducey signed a new law the first bill signed this year will help speed up the vote counting process in the upcoming presidential election Maricopa county election workers will now be allowed to use a new electronic method to fix the valley ariz rather than make corrections by hand taking up more time America the County Board of supervisors push for the bill to avoid a repeat of twenty eighteen when election results were delayed Nilay alley on KTA Arnie's K. D. A. R. news time coming up on five thirty seven thank you Jamie and here is the any solvent in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center will make way for emergency crews arriving.

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