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Magic you're a parent you are a parent but you are saying this generally the audience say you got a kid in the sixth grade so you don't like the principal of the school you just don't but the principal comes up with two or three ideas that are really good for the school but you don't like the person personally what kind of a miserable parent would you be if you would oppose things that you know would be good for your kidding good for the school just because you don't want this principle who you think is a dink ticket credit for it so got to get out there in the community that this is a bad thing even though you actually think it's a good thing there can't be any kind of good payoff inside you for that who wants to get up there and argue against what they actually think this is what liberals right now are forced to do if trump had not engaged kim they'd be ripping him for that trump is engaging kim so the ripping him for that and everyone knows they were gonna rip him without regard to what it is that he did well there can't be a lot of fulfillment for them in this because they're being forced to take positions that they don't even hold so obsessed we're going to move to another topic doubt i mentioned on yesterday's program that the gander mountain camping world bought the closing most of them but the ones that they bought our opening including the one in kenosha this weekend and i thought it was interesting the campingworld read the gander mountain which is part of canopy world sent me a thing asking me to talk about this on the air given the fact that marcus limos the odor of the company essentially said that he didn't want trump supporters to come and patronize his business camping world is contacted me and they believe that lomas statements are being taken wrongly that he never said that so what i'm going to do in the next segment is i'm going to go back and read the quote exactly what marcus the mona said unless evaluate whether or not he's getting a raw deal here for what he said or not three thirty eight newstalk eleven thirty w red light was blinking the cops it's time for rapid traffic fortythree southbound very heavy from hampton all the way into the market interchange twenty nine minutes to get from brown deer to.

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