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Hiatus of several weeks, that federal grand jury that is hearing evidence in President Trump's handling of classified documents is getting ready to meet again. Again, we keep hearing little leaks here and there of evidence. Could be pretty for bad the former president. Ukraine continuing to get ready for a widely expected counteroffensive to try to drive Russian forces out of their country as the army receives more and more Western armaments. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on cranes expected counteroffensive. There's no certainty in any of this and so we need to be prepared to continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes. Austin was speaking as he concluded a two -day trip to the Shangri -La dialogue. In Next stop will an be interview India. this weekend also from Singapore with Bloomberg Television, Australia's Defense Minister Richard Marles says it's possible to be an ally with the US while also having a productive relationship with China. Marles did express concern with China's military buildup in the region especially without any reassurance as to the purpose of it. Australia finds itself in a kind of an awkward situation many nations are kind of facing, which is to have a military alliance with the maintaining US while ties with China's economic engine. India says a faulty electronic signaling system was the behind reason the country's deadliest rail accident in almost three decades. The number of dead standing currently at 88. Aditya Kumar Chaudhary from Indian Railways says progress is being made on repairing the rail lines. All the couches, capsized couches and wagons have been removed from site. Now the major part left is a distortion of track. An express passenger train colliding with a stationary freight train with them both being hit by another express passenger train which was traveling from the opposite direction. India's outdated rail system is one of the largest in the world. It carries hundreds of millions of people each month. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem says that Iran continues to lie to the International Atomic Energy Agency in regards to the nature of the country's nuclear ambitions. Back in March IAEA inspectors had raised an alarm after finding uranium particles enriched to 84 % levels of purity. That's just 6 % away from what's needed to build nuclear weapons. This past week the agency said it had no further questions of the Islamic Republic after accepting Iran's explanation. Netanyahu says the IAEA has shown ineffectual conduct towards Iran. Flying is going to be getting more expensive this summer. That's according to corporate travel manager American Express Global Business Travel which analyzed tens of thousands of client transactions on international flights to and from Asia. A typical New York to Hong Kong flight and economy class cost now more than twice as much as it did in 2019 and almost a third more than last year. A lung cancer drug from AstraZeneca has shown promising results. According to data released by the Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago, Tenriso reduced the risk of death by 51 % in patients with an early stage type of cancer after tumor

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