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Saying overall is you're stealing our money. He and it may have come from a good place. But if you don't know how to invest money if you don't know how to take somebody's investment and make better Then you're cook. Yeah yeah no even by your your book because of your incompetence can take the understanding and so that's very important and so i think i am look. I am one hundred percent down for people to come together. But you'll competencies muskie in line and if you get together in a group in you realize somebody's competency is not alive You have a decision to me either. You raise them to the standard or you say to them. This is a table in concert. Reaffirm stalled reward intelligent person so you can you wanna see those qualities in human beam and argh it example for instance look at some of the poorest communities in america african americans in some of those communities. They've got these passengers and these preachers who drive. Bentley's gatti's the i've helicopters taking them to the service so they don't be late to come and reach the people and i always wonder these poor people don't realize this man's got rich off of your bike offering very sunday. Because how did he go from having a flock of maybe twenty to a mega church of two thousand or three thousand and now he's bringing helicopters they're like some years ago on worldstar whether the guys criminal done a one. The preaches will same. I wanna buy a helicopter come. My last helicopter broke down and he was in christian to donate jimbo. Saying i remember thinking to myself. I mean like your competent to stand. There was something about his guys characterize and bright house it benefit us as a flock in a congregation with the people who would do the individual work. I feel a lot of the time. Yeah we have a lottery mentality one not to beat up bag of saving ten ten pounds as much the psychology that. We've we've kind of gained from that that lifestyle. We have saves the last that we hide as because i feel like we we clutch. When would desperate desperate wings. Anything you're going to say until pull ourselves out of that situation and then you know someone said to me like a desperate person. Look a good hearted person is the easiest talk all speaking to a business management. Who does that for since and you saying that if you are two nights in you're talking us and so i think because of that. That's what happens on people especially in churches especially in places of worship expose themselves and the vulnerability. It's easy to say very when someone comes in and they're like the cima marriages break down. Some credible does teaching with that. And that's why you find a lot of like in those you find a lot of those vulnerable women that just sexually abused not because they don't realize you're going to someone who put like you said he said he can't control the asked always like character which is sexual urge in that desire so he knows he should not be taken advantage of vulnerable female. What he's looking at fires and thinking Looking at The devils going go go go to your husband. Don't love you. I show you know what i mean. This is wrong. You said people don't watch. Don't see these people they don't see that. Let me follow without anyone's. I'm gonna lead you because we're you're gonna leave me to miss it on and talk brioni level gonna lead me to from becoming level you if you want me to be there so you can have the key to success. Told me how you want me to do it. Then you wanna a almost said to me Close for ages kind of looking for a mental especially as a podcast and somebody gave me some sick and they were like if you're going to look for a mental properly. Look for somebody who was a millionaire before they became a podcast or emit light. They didn't sell courses in. Yeah they didn't sell online courses. They didn't do any of that because that's how they re the people who followed them made them rich limos and stuff like that. They didn't get rich. Because of business. Savvy input cost in angel investors to cancer sponsors and stuff like that leverage in all of that stuff that you need as a business person in they just basically said yeah. I'll followers pay for us to be now. I don't look often that if what you're offering is genuine then it's an exchange. It's not go into knock knock. Who's gonna give you a pair of trainers. You're gonna get to wear them. You're going to give them money so if you put together if you're teach a lot we were saying before your proper teacher and you're a leader and you know how to make people's business better and you charge for doing that. You gain something. That's quite a problem with that. There's some people who are shocks I know get you to buy an overpriced. You know then they senator elaborately overpriced so you think that this is an extravagant right and they give you some basic wash knowledge that any youtube it and they say yeah go make on your own. Yeah yeah so you have to be very careful of your leaders are who you in a guru whatever you wanna call them in And like i say you always have to be working on yourself. Yes because at the end of the day when you lay your head in the pillow. That's that you know what i'm saying if you go up. Pc stained pillow. That's your own hand. That put the swab dr pepper pillow. Chauhan's hands that. Pull it so you are responsible for their lifestyle that you're soiling here man is all in here so you know you just go. I feel like you've got a lion your passion and your competency and then be consistent and you know most people who can do that. I'm not saying you're become millionaires. I'm not saying will some level of or you know. And i think that's if that's anything if i have anything to offer to. The black community is that cop bad times. We follow people all obama. We need to follow them. Weiner listeners rappers full rappers but that is scary scary. You're following someone's been given a platform not because they're intelligent and not have anything to that's positive is because they can sonically put words together and melodic former makes you go. Ooh but wadi seem.

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