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Well something you definitely took away from your time on nextgen was your love of directing how did that start i i sort it to shadow the directors early early on because it became clear to me that i was like the you know the fifth or sixth best actor of this show very fortunate to be there and i thought the directors i mean it's the best job in the world so i shadowed alive than i spent a lot of time in the editing room three hundred hours and the editing room and rick berman who was the producer of all things star trek let me go to all the pre production and a casting into postproduction into scoring and sound spotting an eighty are an and when i wasn't working i spent my time learning and finally after two and a half seasons of this rick relented and gave me an episode and who was a blessing to have been at paramount university for so long because by the time i was given an episode to direct i was prepared but does still doesn't mean is gonna work because on television as you probably know having just as much as you have some episodes have better than others oh yeah i happened to avid data episode and brent spiders a genius and it happened to be the specs show that ray should very of wrote who became one of our stalwart writer so he was his first episode it was a data episode and i was overprepared it was the one in which he um data built his daughter lallah was called offspring season 3 how did being an actor change the way you were a director and are you a different kind of director than most because of that experience i think it's been a real advantage to speak actor and to understand how vulnerable and frightened and self involved tend conscious unconscious a mean and i don't think there's any disadvantage to having been an actor who turns r a lot of act a lot of good directors were actors first.

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