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I jeff wanted levels of three hundred they probably had a very high animal protein right and they responded very very very well we did not follow their diet after but we heard from lots of people and now the on fm has been done by over thirty thousand people so we're starting to collect a lot of data from from people and a lot of people are basically saying it's a slow process but every time i do a cycle i come back and i don't feel like i have to go back to as much meat to go back to as much sugar or as many coffees you know they've they've done something for themselves and so then they you know they they're more enthusiastic about taking care of themselves i would imagine i think so i may also be something about the brain realize in it that you can handle i always think about say running a tank k around the first time you do it you it's very difficult and after that you could probably do it multiple times a year and it doesn't seem that hard i think is realizing that it's okay it's not that hard no you have to have sugar all most people haven't have never gone twenty four hours in their entire life without eating solid food and just the idea that seems so daunting we we we have this notion that will just perish if we do that and to kind of undertake a protocol like that and go to the other side of it and realize like oh that was i did that that was fine makes you rethink the human bodies capabilities yeah absolutely they didn't if you think about for example the brain of around five or so or the md by fifty percent of the fuel counts from bodies right from fat and most people that pathway in the brain is probably never been activated right so somebody could be fifty five years of age and never once has activated these us keep them by these in the brain so then what's wrong with with exploring the keita genyk diet all the time.

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