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We don't have regard like i will say as the president gun at will sign a complete ban on every single form of firearm if we also ban iphones that aside on your fair tremp sit out i and i see our all right now shattering of an infarct we i well yeah saves lives the yes all right we are going to take a break and then when we come back we'll talk about the white house digging for anything that evening in world consumed by breaking news one man has the focus to cut through the uh the press does losing a twitter fight to jewell into the cutting through the isis one powerball who sold the tickets to cook uh where kittens even getting opioids our goal he did the accent it's much more racist if you did the accent on a chip monk attacked a synagogue and he knew it was a synagogue john oliver is back to put aside distractions and get to the bottom of the white house be again i literally don't understand as possible did he come back and then they got him again was the same kid involved last week tonight with joe this won't just says ron last week tonight with john oliver every week starting february eighteen thought hvo have you was throwing shade on ear wolf it's a harry's podcast hosted by aaron gibson and brian southie who deliver fresh takes on pop culture women's rights in lgbt rights you guys have totally been on this podcast montebourg that's how i know that they're extraordinarily delightful and they nava brand new bonus show exclusively on stitcher premium called throwing shade deeper shade of shade that's right in each episode brian an errand put a twist on artistic starter cards from nineteen 75 by asking hardhitting questions like would you clone yourself an can kenya name a real housewive their first botas episode as the one and only paula tompkins as a guests they get deep and talk about being interrupted during a dance popeye's anatomy and inflatable snakes all of those things totally normal listen to throwing shade deeper shade of shade exclusively on stitcher premium also listen to throwing shade regular throwing shade.

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