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I want you to think about this most podcast if a very similar guest experience. That's because most podcast. We do our interviews remotely, and that means a connection via Skype. It means that your guest is in the exact same place for the interview with you that he would be if he were doing an interview with me or Joe or gym or Bob he's got the same scenery same stuff going on around him. So that's not very memorable. Also. And this one's on us. Guys. Most hosts aren't very good. That means they likely talk about the same subject with their guests, and that's not necessarily bad. But a lot of them have the same hook. The same questions. Tell me how you got started. What's one, quote that you find motivating if you start all over and live your life again? What would you do differently? Those aren't that questions within context? I certainly ask those questions at times. But when you've got a guest, and you're asking those questions, I'm asking those same questions. Joe Jim and Bob are asking those same questions, it's not very memorable. And that's what we're talking about. You want your guest to have a memorable experience with you? There million ways that you can stand out. I'm gonna give you three quick ways to do that right now one in this is so obvious. It's not rocket science. It's get the interview up quickly show up on time. Be prepared have your together. Ida guy reach out to me about doing an interview via Skype ready for it. I'm excited about it. Call him up, and sometimes you call somebody will have technical issue. Maybe sometimes the Mike isn't working that happens from time to time. But you know, what this guy was doing? He was. Eating breakfast. A hold on a minute. I'm just finishing my breakfast. Hey, man. Didn't you know that I was going to call for this interview? Maybe I should call back when you're not so hungry and that puts me in an awkward spot because I've got interviews booked back to back. I've got other things that I need to do. I wanna get you. Great information. But you're not giving me enough time to give you great information. You told me that you need at thirty minutes. You told me that you needed an hour..

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