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Support for NPR and the following message come from marvel studios. Black Panther now nominated for seven Academy Awards including costume and production. Design score original song all the stars performed by Kendrick Lamar and Ciza and best motion picture. Bullseye with Jesse thorn is a production of maximum fund dot org and is distributed by NPR. I'm Jesse thorn. It's bullseye. It's balls. I I'm Jesse thorn. My guest Barbara Kruger is artist. She works in text mostly big, bold, letters usually in white over a ribbon of rat. The text is often superimposed over black and white Phobos pictures that look like they could have come from mid century advertisements the messages say stuff like your body is about oh ground or we don't need another hero. Or don't be a jerk. If that doesn't ring a bell yet, you can find thousands of samples of her work on the internet. Maybe the fonts and colors remind you of something the supreme logo that Instagram filter. It all started with Barbara Kruger. But have you seen Kruger's are in person? She does a lot of installation work these days, that's a fancy way of saying that her work just kind of consumes entire rooms huge rooms giant walls. Big block letters taking up every inch of every flat surface. You can see phrases like belief plus doubt, equal sanity cell phones, whose body whose beliefs her work, isn't prescriptive, est. It's almost an experience it asks you to engage with the.

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